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Temple Revitalized, A Man Without a District, Schooled in Satire

By Katharine Biele
Posted // April 6,2011 - SMILEY.jpgTemple Revitalized
Goodbye to the Ogden LDS Temple aka the Birthday Cake with Moroni on top. The LDS Church has been all a-twitter about plans to renovate the retro—and arguably ridiculous-looking—structure that sits in the heart of Ogden’s downtown, where it is one of the busiest temples in the world. For some 38 years, the temple has been an unmistakable landmark in a city that has been less than successful in the revitalization arena. The temple’s feathered spire gained its own gold-leafed fiberglass Moroni in 2001, but alas, weather took its toll on the temple, which has been called an experiment in low-cost construction. So, up will sprout a more traditional temple and, Ogden hopes, a big wedding draw for the city.

SAD.jpgA Man Without a District
Is it just coincidence or does former Rep. Craig Frank really seem to be palling around with the chair of Utah Legislature’s redistricting committee? In a recent Facebook post, he notes that he’s just back from Colorado with Rep. Ken Sumsion, R-American Fork, who’s in charge of the redistricting committee. Frank lost his legislative seat when it was discovered that he didn’t live in the district he served. Blogger-momma Holly Richardson was selected to replace him, and she will have to run for the seat in 2012 after redistricting. It’s a big unknown whether Richardson would face off with Frank.

SMILEY.jpgSchooled in Satire
During the stunningly swift reaction to charges of racism at Alta High School, you have to hand it to the mother of the teen offender to try to turn this into a teaching moment. Her son reportedly wore a KKK-knock-off to a spirit assembly, thinking it was all a good joke. “When he came home and said what it looked like, we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, I cannot believe [it]. Let’s sit down and talk about this.’ We opened our dialogue and said this is why these hate symbols are so hurtful,” she told KSL News. Other news stations interviewed students, who insisted no harm was meant. So, what makes it funny, then? Racism is about power over a group perceived as somehow inferior to another. Serious stuff and not exactly good satire.

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Posted // April 8,2011 at 05:38

I love the smell of dog food in the morning… Smells like Ogden. Just kidding. Seriously the Ogden temple is really busy? Ogden doesn’t feel Mormon.


Posted // April 6,2011 at 15:41

It's sad when a city cannot shake it's old image. As a Utah native who grew up in Salt Lake County, I can vouch for Ogden being the dumping ground for unkind comments my entire 55 years. Frankly, guys, much of it was deserved at the time. It was crime and the cattle yards. They called it "Hogtown" instead of Ogden. And if you were really brave or totally out of your mind, you'd be caught dead on 25th Street at night. That's all changed for the better, but when a city has to injunct a bunch of violent, low-life gang members from gathering as a tool of law enforcement, it's got a long way to go.


Posted // April 11,2011 at 13:45 - Look, I don't have time to hold a remedial reading class for you. I said "they" used to call it Hogtown, as in those people "over there" somewhere. I didn't call it Hogtown because I wasn't alive in the 40's when the railroad cattle yards dominated the scene in Ogden. I was driving to Ogden in the early 70's to play in beer bar bands at night, had and aunt and uncle and family there, am best friends with a Scowcroft (if you're from Ogden, you know who they are)and really have nothing against it. Yes, we have a bad gang problem here. If I could, I would walk those cowards and idiots individually out of court, out behind the courthouse, then do it the way the Russians used to do it: without warning, shoot them in the head, on the spot, and bury them in an unmarked grave in a special garden plot not far from the courthouse. Flushed!


Posted // April 7,2011 at 10:27 - Well Black Mamba, Salt Lake also has a long way to go then. It's not like your county is victimless to gang violence and it certainly isn't void of drug related crime and trafficking. Walk one block outside of The Gateway, current day and you will be offered a balloon of anything you want, regardless of how upstanding you may look. You may want to see a ophthalmologist about being farsighted. I live in Downtown Ogden and have for almost my entire life. I have to say my location versus your Salt Lake County plot, puts me in a better position to decide if hogtown is warranted. I believe your opinion is one more of snobbery and ignorance, rather than actual experience. Come see with your eyes, not with your ears.


Posted // April 6,2011 at 10:14

Yeah, the revitalization of the city has been successful (quite to my suprise) and continues to be so. If she does think that the Ogden project is a bust, she's sorely mistaken.

I'm hoping Katharine means the attempt to revitalize the temple with the stupid Moroni spike was a bust and not the downtown revitalization. If this is the case, she should proof her articles before posting them. :X


Posted // April 6,2011 at 08:35

Katharine, no offense, but you are an idiot, your POV on Ogden is an opinion piece supported by twitter. "less than successful in the revitalization arena?" Really? that’s crazy that it's ranked in top 50, 10 sometimes number one with or on top of SLC and Provo in numerous national rankings. Why don't you come to town and let me buy you lunch and take you on a tour of my town, so you can get a clue about what you are writing about.