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Christopher Nemelka to Confront His Critics

The controversial translator of the Book of Mormon's sealed portion plans to share his side.

By Stephen Dark
Posted // March 16,2011 - Christopher Nemelka is worried. He says the Jan. 27 City Weekly story “Sealed Fate,” which described the conversion of former LDS Church leading light 79-year-old Ida Smith to Nemelka’s supposed translation of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, has “greatly enraged many people” about him and his work.

Nemelka approached City Weekly via e-mail in the fall of 2010 asking that we write about the impact on Smith’s life after she left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Nemelka’s translation. He wasn’t happy with the resulting article, which, he says, presented Smith, the great-great granddaughter of Hyrum Smith, as “a deceived, insane, delusional woman,” and him as “a charismatic charlatan.” Now, he draws a comparison between his situation and that of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, who he says were “murdered in cold blood” by a mob after “articles were written about Joseph that presented him in a light contrary to who he really was.” In response to the article, he talks of receiving death threats in e-mails, then backtracks, describing them as “tacit threats.”

So, to present his side of the story, Nemelka has booked the Salt Lake City Main Library’s auditorium on Saturday, March 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nemelka suspects that few people, other than those who follow his work, will attend. But he will be there regardless, to counter both what was published in City Weekly and to present himself and Ida Smith “as we really are.” His leading critics, he says, “know person-to-person they don’t stand a chance,” against him. Each critic will have the opportunity to ask Nemelka one question, allowing the translator, according to a flier promoting the event, to “in like fairness, [an] opportunity to respond to each point.”

Postings by critics of Nemelka have been plentiful on the Website, which appeared shortly before “Sealed Fate” went to press. The Website, which describes Nemelka as a “very public personality who by his own desire and actions seeks public attention,” is dedicated to exposing Nemelka’s “claim to special status, his religious teachings, motives and methods.” The site has become a springboard for critics of Nemelka to sound off on both Nemelka’s controversial past and his work as the sole representative for advanced beings on this planet, with whom he communicates via an intergalactic cell phone. Among those beings he speaks to is Joseph Smith, with whom he claims to be writing the founder of the LDS Church’s “authorized” autobiography.

Whether Nemelka’s critics will take his bait and attend his symposium on March 19 is unclear. One person who says he will go is soft-spoken carpenter Chris Hansen. Nemelka claims Hansen is the creator of and says he’s suing “to get that site taken down.”

Hansen denies any involvement in the Website, although he does post there regularly, along with former Nemelka follower, Idaho farmer Harry Dschaak. But Hansen’s blue eyes harden as he talks about the man he has labeled online as “the anti-Christ of the LDS Church.” After Nemelka rebuffed Hansen when he tried to meet with him in March 2009 to discuss his claims of having translated the sealed portion, Hansen became one of his most dedicated critics. Hansen highlights the contrast between the Book of Mormon and the sealed portion’s highly critical attitude of the LDS Church. Why, he asks, “would you have one book to get it started, then one book to tear it down?”

All Hansen wants to do, he says, is turn people away from embracing Nemelka’s sealed portion. He’s paid a price, though. A formerly active LDS Church member, “the more I looked into Nemelka, the more tarnished I felt.” Now, though he still believes in the LDS Church, come Sundays, he’d rather spend time with his young daughters “than go listen to someone preach.”

Hansen argues that Nemelka isn’t interested in tackling criticism but rather talks in circles “that just don’t make any sense.” All Hansen can do, he says, “is look for points to nail him with a little tighter to the cross and put him back up in the air, until he wiggles off again.”

Nemelka promises to go through the two City Weekly cover stories that have focused on him and “explain why I don’t think [they are] a fair reflection of the truth.” He says he will also “tackle why Ida Smith turned over her estate to me.” All he wants, he says, momentarily switching to the third person, is that his critics “have the integrity to confront a person one might hate or disparage in some way,” and allow Nemelka “to explain what I’m doing. And allow them the opportunity to know the truth.”

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Posted // March 17,2014 at 16:31 christopher nemelka has challenged any man to confound him, he has now been counfounded, Caught by Christ, and sent to hell. http://antichristchristophernemelka. blogspot. com/2014/03/christopher-nemelka-confounded-and-sent. html


Posted // March 17,2014 at 22:33 - Hi Anthony, The link you gave didn't work.


Posted // February 10,2014 at 01:00 http://chrisnemelka. com/christopher-marc-of-the-beast-nemelka-wants-your-money/


Posted // April 29,2013 at 10:12

The mind is a fantastic thing, but it's out to get you.   Learn to control your thoughts, and relieve yourself of this multiplicity of debate about Nemelke.   We are merely advanced primates evolved through mutation and natural selection.   The stronger of us adapt very well to change. Not that I am an expert in evolutionary theory. It is,for me, the most reasonable thing to understand.   I have long given up on religion AND the concept of spirituality.   In my mind spirit  doesn't exist. I can only enjoy my life, work hard to remain independent of anybody, or any government or church. When I die, I will simply not exist.   I am comfortable with that.  Trying to convince another person of ones access to the truth is impossible as each of us is our own little spaceship in a vast universe.  


Posted // April 27,2011 at 07:30 True, Hope this gets to you. My email is The other platform where a lot of Nemelka discussions go on are at the the sealed portion - Yahoo group website. Easy to join - lots of good old info. Having spoken to the ‘chrisnemelka’ site owner just yesterday, there is a page loading issue. Too much stuff to load up at once, so a minor remodel will help. Sorry for issues he says. If you want to share some thoughts or have questions you haven't seen answered, let me know. Sad to say I have dug through most of his shit to get you what is out there. You want some Library pictures? Audio recordings - good crap? Yum yum Chris Hansen


Posted // March 22,2011 at 07:54


I thought the 3 curses on Garden Park are WUF related.

Martin, Julie... Nemelkas... Ida Smith… and the Andersons – the three condos owned by the Marvelous Work and Wonder (parent company of the WWUF) are on Garden Park. Just it is nothing like the Garden of Eden. How do you sweat your brow since the Davis’s employment disfellowship? Operator? Partial Public Affairs Helper?

Where did you go Julie, why a no show, Saturday. Don’t get all huffy, you have laid low everywhere for two weeks and now you have a fire burning in your pants, so you want to ram something to Martin. Come on I your Huckleberry, Julie. Did you see my one on one with Nemelka? I have pictures of the audience, 10 bucks and a “talking box” for Chris Nemelka (the “talking box” is the reference to the loose lips Chris has when consuming too much wine, he always has new revelations – like building blocks? Ok maybe Jenga blocks)

Chris Nemelka's first foundation the "Widow's Mite" why didn't that work, Julie. He had already seen temple visitors, did the boat load of beings know how to “Adjust” his mind better? Chris Mark Nemelka Hyrum Smith David Norris, who is like him really?

Why did the "investment" you made in Nemelka's WWUF go to pay the investors in the Widow’s Mite? Didn’t she think it was going to work?

And to boot Martin, if you go down to the Henry Wells building ( 3rd south & 2nd east) to the Utah department of Commerce – 3rd floor. And ask to see the records/ documents on the World Wide United Foundation - you betcha Julie is part of the board - and I think the main share holder, too.

And to boot it farther up our asses Martin, when they "dissolved" the foundation and put it in the creator's sole control (Chris Nemelka), the new Marvelous Work and Wonder was created and it is doing business by its registered owner - none other than Julie Taggart since March 09.

So yes Martin, Julie really wants you to sooo believe because it is as much hers as anyone's in this world. Free to get copies of all the items I spoke of, the receptionist did say these are available online also - though I couldn't find them readily.

The passion is there, but really it’s like bucketing out water from the many holes that have their ship sinking, the truth just blasts holes all through it. The Amazing revealing power of truth, keep the band playing Julie, don’t want a panic – no life boats!

Why did you sign the Library meeting as the WUF, it was a Chris show! Sealed Portion books, 666 books were given out. The poster board outside the door said confront Christopher as in the Sealed Fate article.

I’ll meet with you Julie, I would like to try your famous toilet – installed by Timothy the Advanced Being. Pretty special, roommate there.



Posted // March 22,2011 at 10:02 - Chris, you didn't enjoy meeting with John L and he's way smarter than I am. I believe you'd find it a waste of your time.


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