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My Dough Girl

By Virginia Rainey
Posted // September 30,2009 - My Dough Girl is a little cookie shop with a big personality. Make that 10 or so personalities.

Owner/creator Tami Cromar sells fresh-baked cookies as well as frozen cookie dough, and she names her creations after women—friends, sisters, perhaps a fictional babe or two. There’s “Betty,” a brilliant oatmeal cookie studded with bits of tender apricots and tart Montmorency cherries. She’s one of my favorites. But of course, I’m fond of “Virginia” as well. She’s a kick: ginger and dark molasses in a chewy cookie, rolled in coarse turbinado sugar. Then there’s “Gabrielle,” a vision of chocolate ginger dough swirled with crystallized ginger morsels, rolled in ginger sugar. The other girls, from chocolaty/cinnamon “Margo” to a plump, trufflelike peanut butter cookie called “Penelope,” are equally alluring.

Each month, Cromar creates a seasonally inspired dough to add to the regular roster. I’m already swooning over November’s planned special: pumpkin with mascarpone and Frangelico-soaked raisins. Clearly, My Dough Girl is all about the best ingredients and serious flavor. Fresh-baked cookies run $2 each, but if you buy them frozen and bake them yourself, they’re $1.12 per cookie. Not bad for a cookie that’s this rich, filling and fresh. Pricing varies and goes up a bit if you opt for a gift box.

Cromar, a former architectural designer, has definitely carved a new cookie niche in town. She started out with the idea of selling only the frozen dough—divided up into cookie-size chunks—but soon found that the baked versions of her creative recipes were also in demand.

So, eat your heart out, Mrs. Fields. My Dough Girl has taken fresh-baked cookies to an entirely new level. Stop by, meet the girls, and taste for yourself.

770 S. 300 West

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