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FIDO Folly

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // December 28,2010 -

Regarding your recent article about the dog park at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon [“Outbarked,” News, Dec. 16, City Weekly]: Can someone from FIDOS please explain why it is the government’s responsibility to provide you with an area where you can let your dog run free?

What the members of your organization pay in taxes does not even come close to covering the cost of maintaining all of the dog parks in the Salt Lake City metro area, so, once again, why is it the responsibility of taxpayers who do not own dogs to subsidize your exclusive dog-oriented recreation areas?

What’s next, free bags of Eukanuba delivered to your homes, paid for with tax monies collected from people who do not own dogs?

Are thinly veiled threats directed at elected officials by FIDO members really the most civil and effective manner to get your message out and garner support from people outside of your organization?

Grant Johnson
Salt Lake City

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Posted // January 1,2011 at 19:58

not everybody that wants the park to stay a dogpark is a Fido's member. i pay taxes, too. i'm sure you have special interests that i don't want to pay for either.

the problem is they mayor wants to expand the park so everyone can use it and restrict the area's that dogs are allowed to use. the people that use the dogpark don't want anything changed at all, even though i've met people that have been using the park to walk their dogs for over 30 years.

a specific problem seems to be about the creek running through the park and how the dogs are contaminating it. there are a lot of animals such as deer and moose above the creek that contaminate the creek as well. also, where is the creek actually going where it matters that the creek is contaminated and if the water is contaminated why can't it be treated before or after it flows through the park.

the best thing about the park is the creek that runs through it. on those hot summer days the dogs have a place to cool off as well as the dog owners. there is not a nicer park in the whole of salt lake city. the park is wild with nature, trees and trails and the creek. it's a great place for people and their family's to take the time to go outside and be together. you will see wives and husbands with their children. and the children either walking or in packs on their parents backs. most of the dogparks in the salt lake area are big fields where the dogs have to walk on land that has been contaminated already by other dogs.

the people from Fido's go out of their way to keep the park clean. many members of Fido's personally go through the park to pick up dog feces that other owners did not.

it's important to have a place that is off leash for dogs. an exercised dog is a behaved dog. also, many friendships between dog owners are created at the park. this is a great place for children to become used to being around dogs without being afaid.

there are plenty of vey nice parks that are on leash for people to go to such as Sugarhouse Park and Liberty Park. Parley's Park is located in the I-215 and I-80 corridor, where many people are not likely to go.

if you don't want your taxes to go to reconstuct Parley's Park, let the mayor know. he's the one that just voted for these changes to take place while these monies could be used on other useful projects. maybe even a project that i don't want to pay for but is in YOUR best interests.


Posted // December 29,2010 at 16:00

No additional money has been spent to allow dogs off leash. The money has been and will be spent to keep them on leash. Fences will be built, sign made and cops will be put on patrol. How about we leave the park the way it is, open to all (not exclusive, everyone is welcome, including dogs!)

Who is paying for this dog oppression? What next free lunches in schools paid for by people without kids? You're an idiot if you think all you tax money should be spent on things that only benefit you.