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Club Fed

Vote for Your Favorite Restaurant

The 2010 Dining Guide wants you!

By Club Fed Staff
Posted // September 6,2010 -

Each year in the annual City Weekly Dining Guide, our restaurant critic, Ted Scheffler, names his favorite 100 Utah restaurants. For the 2010 Dining Guide, we also want to hear about YOUR favorites.

To vote for your favorite restaurant, simply respond to this article by clicking on "Post a Comment" below. Then, tell us about your favorite eatery and everything you love about it. We'll select the best comments and include them in the upcoming 2010 Dining Guide and/or our "Word of Mouth" feature.

No chain restaurants, please. And be sure to include a name so we can identify you if we use your comment in City Weekly.

For reference purposes, if you'd like to see Ted's top picks from the 2009 Dining Guide, click here.

Now, go vote for your favorite restaurant!

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Posted // October 1,2010 at 18:33

One of my favorite restaurants in town is Wild Grape Bistro. I have been there several times and every time I loved what they made. One of the good (and bad) features of Wild Grape is that they change their menu from time to time to adjust to the seasonal and local ingredients. It is good because you can try different and amazing dishes and support local business/farms, but bad because it is usually hard to get to have one that you loved again. One of the qualities of Wild Grape is to transform anything that can at first seem very ordinary in something that tastes special and extraordinary, from fish to chicken, to beef, to anything. The first time I had a game hen, a few months after the restaurant opened. It came with cheese grits and they were superb. I was a little scared about the grits, since I had experience before where they were just tasteless (if not unpleasant) but in this case, ohmy, it was heaven, very creamy. The different sauces creations complement even more the flavor of the dishes. Last time, I had a fresh salmon with avocado sauce and roasted lemon and I was not disappointed. However, I must say that there were two instances when I needed to wait for my meal for a loooong time. It is hard when you arrive hungry because at the time the food comes to the table, you can have the risk of being very starving. But the owner was kind and, besides coming to us to apologize, he offered us complimentary desert to make up for it. And, needless to say being a sweet tooth as I am, I was thrilled. Especially because I was eyeing a beautiful flourless chocolate torte that a couple next table just ‘attacked’. We ordered the torte and it was amazing as well. Rich, with a little bit of whipped cream and few blackberries, it made the wait worth it. I also had a chance to watch the cooks from Wild Grape working in a cooking competition at the Farmer’s Market this summer and try some of their concoctions made on spot. They had the same amazing flavors that you can find at the restaurant. I highly recommend it to everyone!


Posted // September 25,2010 at 00:00

Mo's Neighborhood Grill. It's greasy and attracts an eclectic crowd. I like to sit at the bar eat the chile verde (either on eggs or in a burrito) and read the city weekly.


Posted // September 25,2010 at 12:04 - Good choice!


Posted // September 24,2010 at 16:50

I just tried Meditrina for small plates (vegetarian only, that's all I eat), and they were so fantastic. Delicious Mediterranean, and some really creative plates, too. I have not often been this satisfied in dining out.


Posted // September 24,2010 at 13:16

Tin Angel is my overall favorite restaurant. Always good, local ingredients, and great vibe.

Sicila (221 Broadway) is my FAVORITE pizza (tomato & spinach with white sauce).

Cafe Niche is GREAT, especially for breakfast.

Tulie Bakery for coffee and morning buns.

Don't forget Caputo's - best sandwiches!


Posted // September 24,2010 at 13:01

best "under the radar" restaurant in park city: The Silver Star Cafe
Spectacular location, Barb Hill inspired American Roots Cuisine, breathtaking views of the mountains and golf course, plenty of parking, bike/hike/ski trails right off the plaza, live music, great vibe, dogs and kids, bikes and scooters, lift-served to PCMR and plenty of big smiles all around. check it out!! you will LOVE it!!


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