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Great Wall of Zion, We're No. 1 & Hatch's Secret Money

By Ted McDonough
Posted // March 4,2009 -

SAD.jpgGreat Wall of Zion
This is a joke, right? A committee in Utah’s Legislature has OKed a bill requiring restaurants to erect 10-foot-high walls in front of all bar counters. (Impressionable children must be protected from drinks being mixed.) The proposal from Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, additionally would make it a crime to appear to be drunk in a bar. Maybe Valentine was going for satire. Whatever the point, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s attempt to “normalize” Utah liquor service appears in danger of backfiring. Lawmakers will debate Valentine’s bill alongside the governor’s plan, which calls for eliminating private clubs and shielding impressionable eyes by the simple step of banning minors from restaurant drink-mixing areas.

SMILEY.jpgWe’re No. 1
According to a new study out of Harvard Business School, Utahns consume more Internet porn than residents of any other state. The study examined credit card receipts provided by a company that runs dozens of adult Websites, then broke the receipts down by zip code. Utah averaged 5.5 adult-entertainment subscriptions for every 1,000 broadband-equipped homes—the highest in the country. The Utah statistic was consistent with the study’s overall finding that porn is favored most by residents of conservative and religious states. Eight of the Top 10 porn-consuming states went for John McCain in the presidential election while nonporn states voted Obama.

SAD.jpgHatch’s Secret Money
If it weren’t for a paperwork snafu, we might never have known about $175,000 the pharmaceutical industry gave to Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Utah Families Foundation. And that’s just the money we know about from an accidentally released 2007 tax filing; some drugmakers say they’ve donated to the Hatch-created charity for a decade. Drug companies have long been the largest campaign contributors for Hatch, who has helped the companies postpone making less expensive, generic versions of their drugs. The difference is that the size of the donations to Hatch’s charity are not limited by campaign finance laws—and, normally, they’re secret.

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Posted // March 12,2009 at 15:42 We also know that SOME non-profits by politicians are used to hide their special interest monies. Just like Bill Clinton's so called library where people all over the world were donating millions to him to gain special favors from America. Why else would they care about his so-called library? Hatch has showed his apathy for us middle and low income by what his actions. He hides behind some humanitarian facade while he sticks it to us. Wake up Utah!


Posted // March 6,2009 at 13:08 Isn't it obvious that if we teach our kids that something is a no-no and that they should never ever look at that taboo item, there's a pretty good chance that the kid is going to look at it as soon as mommy and daddy's heads are turned. It makes complete sense that Utah be # 1 in the internet search because all their life, these kids have been told "Don't look!" The same thing is plausible if that stupid 10-foot law is enacted. Now kids are going to be even more excited to see what's hidden behind the "bad" wall. Besides, what ever happened to free will? It's ok only as long as you are exercising your free will in another state or behind closed doors or walls? It seems that Utahan law makers are not satisfied with merely being #1 in the internet porn business or teen pregnancies, but they also want to be #1 in underage drinking. Keep reaching for your goals...