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Hits & Misses | Jason Chaffetz, Utah's Wilderness & Utah Ethics Reform

By Ted McDonough
Posted // January 14,2009 -

/ Chaffetz Again
nUtah 3rd District Congressman Jason Chaffetz loves publicity and seemingly doesn’t care if getting it means painting Utah as a racist, xenophobic backwater. That’s exactly what Chaffetz accomplished in a recent appearance on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report where the host recommended Chaffetz anti-immigrant plans include coating Mexicans with fluorescent, paint and Chaffetz cemented his dignified appearance by leg wrestling. Chaffetz was in the news again proposing a bailout package for right-wing radio talk hosts he believes are endangered in Obama nation. He’s co-sponsoring a bill to prohibit reinstatement of the so-called broadcasting “fairness doctrine,” apparently recognizing that “fairness” is a handicap for conservative talkers. He’s been in Congress just one week, folks. Seems Utah voters can’t stop giving comedians material.


/Ah, Wilderness
nOne of the first acts of the new U.S. Senate was ending a Republican blockade of a massive wilderness bill that aims to create 2 million acres of new wilderness throughout the country. Included are protections for parts of Zion National Park and a section of the Virgin River, which would become Utah’s first “wild and scenic” water. The wilderness package includes some provisions of a Washington County lands bill proposed by Utah’s delegation that initially looked like a giveaway to developers. But while it still allows for selling public land around St. George for development, the sell-off is scaled back and doesn’t appear to include a damaging desert pipeline planned to drain Lake Powell to feed growth in Utah’s Dixie.



/Ethics, Again
nFirst out of the chute in the 2009 Legislature is a slate of ethics “reform” bills lawmakers hope can put this summer’s ugly taint of bribery behind them. Unfortunately, the proposals—like a one-year cooling off period before lawmakers can become lobbyists—just nibble at the edge of corruption. One bill promises to lower the price of meals lawmakers can anonymously take from lobbyists but contains loopholes allowing meal tickets costing less than $15 and receptions for groups of lawmakers to not be reported at all. Lobbyists are already adept at using group gifting to get around existing reporting rules. The bill package says nothing about reforming an ethics investigation process that came up woefully short in probing two bribery allegations this summer. tttt

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Posted // January 17,2009 at 08:32 I’m still laughing at the far right’s endosement of Palin....nnand call Jason Out?nnWink, Wink Bafoons!


Posted // January 17,2009 at 00:35 Hispanic Republican PartynnYou also might take into account who Jason picked for staff. He picked 3 or more for the 12 staff members that were volunteers helping him be elected. Based on reports, he had hundreds of applicants go for the remaining 8 or 9.nnI do know Jason had some Latino campaign volunteers. I don’t know how many Latinos applied to be part of his staff. I take it, neither do you. nnJason’s democratic challenger, following a paid political hacks recommendations, (my opinion), decided to run on a more wimpy platform for fixing immigration than Obama, and tried to smear Jason in this area. I take it you believed it? I am sure we can find someone to sell you ocean beach front property in Utah...nnDo you want someone picked because of race or qualifications?nI look at qualifications. Some of my best friends and business associates are minority. I don’t care what color they are, or where they were born. I believe Jason doesn’t either.


Posted // January 16,2009 at 15:06 No one who understands the history of the so-called Fairness Doctrine and its likely impact on talk radio would argue that its anything more than an attempt to silence a medium dominated by conservative pundits. The honest people on the left admit that, and think it’s a good thing.


Posted // January 16,2009 at 06:25 Wow - this seems to have struck a chord with the right-wingers. Who knew they even read this weekly.nnChaffetz is an ass and an embarrassment. And he accurately reflects his right-wing constituency.