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Amano Artisan Chocolates

Orem chocoholics rejoice over Amano Artisan Chocolate.

By Austen Diamond
Photo by // Amano Chocolates
Posted // June 14,2010 - A quiet revolution is taking place in Orem. Amano Artisan Chocolate’s Art Pollard is overthrowing conventional chocolate mores and producing some of the world’s finest artisan chocolates. Pollard’s mission is simple: Make single-origin chocolate that highlights the uniqueness of each cocoa region. Every region and subregion have different soil, climate and genetics, and Amano’s impressive output captures their essence.

Often, chocolate’s subtleties are masked with sugar and milk, but even a layman can catch the Guayas bar’s—from Guayas River Basin in Ecuador—blackberry and green banana notes and smooth, rich finish; also, the Dos Rios’—Dominican Republic—bergamont, orange, cinnamon and cloves. The product is the extension of Pollard’s geeky-obsessiveness about his company’s machinery. He personally reworked each machine for small-scale production. And, Amano employs Old World European techniques such as using an antique stone grinder and processing chocolate in vats where various beans don’t intermingle.

However, pursuit of perfection doesn’t stop there. Pollard’s worked the fields in South American jungles and other far-reaching, bean-growing lands to learn what it’s like to hack a seemingly endless cocoa-pod supply with a machete. Also, where necessary, he educates farmers to help ensure quality in the beans’ growing, fermenting and drying process.

Thus, his chocolate revolution is turning heads. Amano’s won a slew of international and domestic awards recently—impressive for a chocolatier only in business since 2006. While $6.95 might seem exorbitant for two ounces of chocolate, rest assured that you get what you pay for.

496 S. 1325 West, Orem

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Posted // August 7,2010 at 14:19

Yes, 7 bucks is pretty high for 2 ozs of chocolate, but I've had the Amano bar with the bergamot and orange, very nice indeed! I recently mail ordered some of the Derry Church Artisan Chocolates too, and those were really awesome, complex flavors as well, so I would recommend both these companies! GREAT ARTICLE AUSTEN!! There's alot of cool stuff happening with the artisan chocolates movement...keep up the great reporting!! -Tara