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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2010

City Weekly’s 21st annual roundup of (almost) everything great in Zion.

By City Weekly Staff
Photo by John Taylor // Hope Woodside, Fox 13 & Sister Dottie S. Dixon
Posted // April 7,2010 - Fox 13’s Hope Woodside (Best TV Anchorwoman) and Sister Dottie S. Dixon (aka actor Charles Frost, Best Utahn) sipping like proper ladies in the Beehive Tea Room (Best Secret Rendezvous): A 13-year Best of Utah winner, a 2010 newcomer and a personal pick from the City Weekly staff.

Twenty-one years in, that’s still how we do it: You vote in around 100 categories (winners denoted by the “Readers’ Choice” star), then City Weekly adds over 300 local favorites of our own. After our distribution team strains their backs and vans delivering this fat issue, we throw a party for all included—this year, with a twist: A handful of “civilian” voters were chosen to attend our Best of Utah bash and hobnob with fabulous local celebrities.

Who says voting never pays off?

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Best of Utah Winner Index

Art Director:
Susan Kruithof

BOU Editor: Bill Frost

Photos: Ruby Johnson, Chad Kirkland, Jess Leonard, Josh Levey, John Taylor, Niki Chan Wylie

Words: Ehren Clark, Stephen Dark, Austen Diamond, Bill Frost, Jesse Fruhwirth, Jamie Gadette, Rachel Hanson, Josh Loftin, Dan Nailen, Jon Paxton, Eric S. Peterson, Scott Renshaw, John Rasmuson, John Saltas, Ted Scheffler, Gavin Sheehan, Jacob Stringer, Wina Sturgeon, Anna Sullivan, Jerre Wroble


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Posted // July 24,2010 at 16:24

Gepettos Restaurant is the best restaurant in Utah for coolness. Why don't you even have it listed. Hello


Posted // April 9,2010 at 19:25

Hope Woodside rocks! She earned it again this year!


Posted // April 9,2010 at 19:23

Really good issue this week! But you can't be serious about an editor's "best dressed" news anchor category. Don't you think your emphasis takes away from the readers's choice awards to the other Utah news people?


Posted // April 9,2010 at 10:43

Why is Hope Woodside always voted #1 when there is so many better and/or prettier News Women out there - Does her Husband work for City Weekly or are they paying you off ? Hope Woodside is nothing but a Dinosaur...!


Posted // April 13,2010 at 17:53 - Ha! Good one. He saved the slacks. He popped me at the Old Mill. That's how we met.


Posted // April 13,2010 at 09:15 - Yeah, maybe that was you with him when he would dress in slacks and a golf shirt and get out on the Old Mill dance floor covered with long-haired hippies and try to score drugs so he could bust people. It was hee-sterical because everyone in the joint, including the bands, knew Joe was a cop. He stood out like a blackman at a Tea Bagger Swap Meet.


Posted // April 12,2010 at 14:55 - I remember that! Now I get it!!


Posted // April 12,2010 at 11:07 - Speaking of dinosuars, there was a Joe Gee who used to be a narc cop in SLC back in the day. Is that you Joe?


Posted // April 9,2010 at 15:42 - Thanks for sticking up for me, JoeGee. I should have won and we both know it.


Posted // April 8,2010 at 23:18

Sister Dottie reigns superior-- loves her!!!