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Cover Story

His & Her Adult Gift Guide

Sex supplements, furry cuffs and battery-powered fun.

By Austen Diamond
Photo by Austen Diamond 
Posted // February 10,2010 -

Wevibe II $115 lips10.jpglips10.jpg
With nine functions and a rechargeable, energy-efficient battery, the WeVibe exemplifies chic, simple and advanced technological advancement. Powerful and quiet, it won’t sound like you’re mixing cake batter—just baking an orgasm. It’s also not too big to get in the way of making whoopee. Blue Boutique,

Extenzz_him.jpgExtenzz_women.jpgExtenze $14 per 4-day supply lips10.jpg
By bringing more blood flow down yonder, Extenze—a nutritional supplement—claims to heighten sensation and, by “extension,” interest, as an aphrodisiac. Endurance is the key here; pace yourself. All for Love, 3072 S. Main, 801-487-8358

VibroPod_best.jpgVibro pod digital music stimulator $47 lips10.jpglips10.jpg
Pulsing, vibrating and throbbing to the beat and rhythm of your favorite tunes, the Vibro Pod will make you sing. Unless, of course, you really dig Kenny G—in which case you might want to blow your own sax. All for Love, 3072 S. Main, 801-487-8358

legend.jpgLightUpDildo.jpgIvibe Robbit small, $100 lips10.jpglips10.jpg or large, $105 (worth the extra $5) lips10.jpglips10.jpglips10.jpg
Grandma Janice at the Blue Boutique says,“You’ll never need a man again.” Featured in Sex and the City, this cute toy double-stimulates—hitting every important area—while it vibrates, oscillates and creates a light show (really). Not as threatening as, say, a foot-long dildo. Blue Boutique,

KamaSutra_kit.jpgAnne Hooper Kama Sutra $22 lips10.jpg
Don’t have an imagination, but want to kick it up a notch? One position found in this book is Horse Cross Feet: “This is great for fast, passionate, dynamic sex. He pumps her raised leg in time with his thrusts.” Whatever it takes. Blue Boutique,

pjur_lube.jpgPjur Original (Formerly eros) $48 lips10.jpglips10.jpg
This has been, far and away, Blue Boutique’s No. 1-selling lube for 10 years. Good for massage and intercourse; don’t be fooled into buying a cheap, water-based lube. This is silicon, so your body doesn’t absorb it. Blue Boutique,

The Original Fetish Fansasy Series Furry Cuffs $15 lips10.jpg
Lock up your lover. This could even be a good gift for conservatives. Who doesn’t like pink fur? If you forgot the safety word (or don’t even know what that is), these cuffs have a release clip. Blue Boutique,

FleshLight.jpgFleshlight $69 lips10.jpglips10.jpglips10.jpg
For gay and straight men, this concealable toy looks like a flashlight and provides a very fleshlike sensation when inserting appendages; it’s sold with different ribbing and textures. Apparently, some are sold to couples. But why would you invite competition into the bedroom? Cahoots Cards & Gifts, 878 E. 900 South, 801-538-0606

Flexibie Double Dong $60 lips10.jpglips10.jpglips10.jpg
Eighteen inches of vibrant magenta soft pliable jelly. Not really anything left to the imagination, eh? Cahoots Cards & Gifts, 878 E. 900 South, 801-538-0606

Valentine`s Day Cards lips10.jpg
Funny, naughty and suggestive. For example: “Do not open this Valentine’s Day card until February 15 ... Thanks for the best sex I’ve ever had!” Cahoots Cards & Gifts, 878 E. 900 South, 801-538-0606

SexSwing.jpgTic Spinning Sex Swing $150 lips10.jpglips10.jpglips10.jpg
You can do everything short of bake a pie with this fully adjustable sex harness. It mounts in a sturdy doorway and, with the spring attachment, can support more than 400 pounds. If you need it, it comes with a manual. The Keyhole, 3460 S. Redwood Road, 801-972-0656

Exploring_Ultimate_Fant_56B.jpgExploring Ultimate Fantasies: A Bedtime Game for Sensuous Adults lips10.jpglips10.jpg
A No. 1 international seller, this game was invented by Keyhole owner Vicki Predari. “I did it because all the adult games out there are stupid, immature and not very fun. This has more risque cards,” Predari says. Comes with an assortment of products. The Keyhole, 3460 S. Redwood Road, 801-972-0656

Kama Sutra Intimate Moments Collection $46.20 lips10.jpg
Couples will enjoy the taste of sweet almond nipples after a massage. Less messy than, say, Nutella. The honey dust is edible, too. You know what to do. Doctor John´s, DoctorJohns

cloneaWillie.jpgClone-a-Willy Kit $131.25 lips10.jpg
Made to be artwork or even a reconciliation gift to a forlorn lover (or whatever else you can conjure up). The kit includes everything needed to replicate your willy, and, later, it will glow in the dark, wherever it´s placed—on the mantle or someplace more dark and damp. Doctor John´s, DoctorJohns

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