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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Marriage-Ban Statement

Posted // June 25,2008 - {::NOAD::}
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Posted // June 26,2008 at 07:12 Churches are groups of people who do not abandon their right to a voice in civic affairs when they affiliate with a religion.nAll the experts spout about tax status and separation of church and state when a position they disagree with is being advocated, where are the advocates of revolking the tax exempt status of churches pushing for homosexual marriage?nThe position of churches should mind their own business when they advocate positions I disagree with doesn’t quite make it to the moral high ground, sorry.nMoral mudhole is more like it.


Posted // June 26,2008 at 06:25 I have a fundamental problem with churches working to influence civil matters. Churches have a right to determine the rules for their members based upon their view of what God wants. On the other hand, they are clearly violating the separation of church and state, and IMHO risking their tax exempt status when they intrude into civil matters.nnChurches in the 1800s used their religious position to support slavery. The LDS church was very active in fighting the Equal Rights Amendment, in order to keep women subordinate. Now they are trying to mandate their brand of morality on the gay and lesbian population, indeed, on the entire population of California. I find this position a bit odd, considering how defiant the leaders were when the federal government forced them to abandon polygamy (A man and MANY women).nnThe LDS church does not need to marry gays and lesbians in their temples. That is their prerogative. By the same token, they need to keep their noses out of matters which are clearly within the realm of civilian rule.nnMichael