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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Media & Politics Page 2

Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST NEWS DRUMMER
Mark Koelbel (KUTV 2)

At a governor’s gala fund-raiser at the Salt Palace last October, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s classic-rock band The Politically Incorrects once again put KUTV 2 news anchor Mark Koelbel behind the drum kit; he’d jammed with the band before as a part of a news feature. Is this becoming a regular gig, or is Koelbel destined to be the next Pete Best when the Guv’s band finally makes it? It’d be a shame; he has some serious skills on the skins—if your local band is looking for a drummer, please call Koelbel. He can buy the beer—but remember, he can only play weekends. Weeknights, 10 p.m.

Fox 13
Who says Fox is all fluff? Big Budah is this year’s readers’ pick for “best features reporter” and Hope Woodside, the perennial winner in years past of “best sexy TV anchorwoman,” this year becomes “best anchorwoman,” period. For evidence why, look to Woodside’s interview with Condoleezza Rice. She pinned down the U.S. secretary of state asking about the Bush administration’s thoughts on war protesters, like Rocky, then quizzed Rice about her sideline as a pianist. You got the news and get to watch (the-still-sexy-we-don’t-care-what-anybody-says) Woodside—the best of both worlds.
2. KUTV 2
3. KSL 5

David James (KUTV 2)
The odds of victory certainly increase when you’re as busy as David James. When he’s not manning the sports desk at KUTV 2, he’s co-hosting 1280 The Zone’s Manly Morning Show with Patrick Kinahan. And when he’s not on The Zone, he’s providing sports updates for X96’s Radio From Hell. But no matter the gig, James provides knowledgeable sports coverage with an abundance of wit.
2. Mike Runge (Fox 13)
3. Dave Fox (KUTV 2)

Randall Carlisle (ABC 4)
His hair ain’t bad, and it looks even better in person. But the real point about Carlisle is that he’s one anchor in this town with a good brain. By the time he starts work each afternoon, he’s already familiar with the day’s news; he goes over the stories written for his newscast with care; he knows how to fill in the news story blanks and doesn’t depend on interns to get facts for him. He works the phone, doing the research himself. He’s so low-key, few realize how smart the guy really is. Weekdays, 5 p.m.

In an age when independent radio stations have become the target of soulless behemoth media conglomerates that crap out mass-produced corporate sound, the nationally recognized X96 still gives a damn about good music and good programming: “Local, Independent, Alternative.” From the Radio From Hell MVPs, to the soothing tones of Artie Fufkin easing the rush-hour commute, to Corey O’Brien’s OPR breaking new music every Monday night, to Portia, the weekend champion of the local scene, X96 is still the best source for alternative rock and personality in our fair state.
2. KRCL 90.9
3. KUER 90.1

Movin’ 100.7
Women love it, but newbie station Movin’ 100.7’s (KYMV) fabulously dance-tastic playlist (Madonna! Cher! Chaka Khan! Snap!) also puts the groove in the hearts (oh yeah—Deee-Lite!) of a shouldn’t-be-all-that-surprising demographic: gay men. That’s how we’ve heard it, anyway. You’ll likely never see it marketed as such (the station is still a bit young to come out), but Movin’ 100.7 is a shiny disco ball of light leading to a Rainbow connection—and really, isn’t it about time, girlfriend?

The Nightside Project (KSL 102.7/1160)
It seemed like a dubious prospect at first—KSL doing “cool” and “edgy” programming?—but in less than a year, The Nightside Project has become a go-to alternative to national after-dark talk radio, even if it does practically scream “We’re cool and edgy!” Host Michael Castner and reporters Jon Dunn, Chelsea Hedquist, Alex Kirry, Sarah Jane and Paul McHardy run a tight, fast-paced show heavy on localism (good), breaking news (great) and gadgetry (not so much for radio) that, at the very least, beats yet another conservative-talking-head show (sorry, Lars Larson fans). Weeknights, 7 p.m.-midnight

Kaos With Darby (KBER 101.1)
Even if you’re not a serial killer, nothing gets you ready for the work week quite like three hours of heavy, heavy metal—just try going to bed with Darby’s Kaos and waking up anything less than refreshed … or possessed. We’re not talkin’ poodle-haired pop-metal for soccer moms stuck in the ’80s; Darby (who recently took over KBER’s midday shift as well) spins thoroughly modern metal that, in a just radio world, wouldn’t just be relegated to Sunday-night goat sacrifices: High on Fire, Dying Fetus, Clutch, Chimaira, Candiria, the list rages on. He can’t be held responsible for what you’ll do to your boss on Monday, however. Sundays, 9 p.m.-midnight

BEST RADIO SHOW Readers’ Choice
Radio From Hell (X96)
Who’d have thought that a radio morning show spawned from the depths of hell could do so well in the land of Zion? The Radio From Hell triumvirate of Kerry, Bill and Gina can credit some of the show’s success to regular sketches such as Punk’s movie review, “Our Son” Kyle and random phone conversations with William Shatner, but its true strength is its chemistry. The best moments happen when the trio rant about whatever comes to mind, from Kerry doing an impersonation of Anna Nicole Smith’s vain corpse (“I’m so dead and beautiful!”) to Bill criticizing Gina as unpatriotic for disapproving of Angelina Jolie (“Why do you hate freedom, Gina?”). Unlike the asinine stunting of other morning shows, Radio From Hell feels more like you’re just bullshitting with three good friends. If your friends were actually funny. Weekdays, 5:30-10 a.m
2. Radio West (KUER 90.1)
3. The Morning Zoo (97.1 ZHT)

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