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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Goods & Services Page 7

The High West Distillery
During prohibition, whiskey came to Park City hidden in the bottom of coffins. Now the city is set to be home to a legal still, likely the first ever in Utah. Parkite David Perkins has secured federal and state permits to set up a large pot still imported from Germany. He beat out other contenders in a competition, winning the right to use historic property on Park Avenue near the Town Lift. He plans to make bourbon, scotch, vodka and rye at The High West Distillery, where patrons can judge results in person. Stay tuned.

When the slopes are bare and the mountains are green, how do you stay in that downhill state of mind? Maybe your living room should sport a coat rack made entirely from skis. Or maybe you’d enjoy decorating your deck with an old lift chair. Take a trek to Kimball Junction, and let the spirit of winter be with you all year long. Redstone Shopping Center, 6400 N. Hwy 224, Suite E2, Kimball Junction, Park City, 435-655-3110

Piper’s Quilts & Comforts
Unless you have mounds of blue hair and the ability to trace your lineage to the pioneers, it’s difficult to find a knitting spot in Utah to feel comfortable. At Piper’s—located inside a charming renovated home in Sugar House and run by a team of mother, daughter and daughter-in-law—everybody’s welcome. 1944 S. 1100 East, 484-5890,

Campo Home
There are few experiences worse than trying to pick out a couch and feeling like you’re on a used car lot with slimy high-pressure salesman at your elbow. At Campo, customers are free to stroll through the store’s mazelike rooms in peace, examining furniture imported from India, Asia and Mexico. A helpful and knowledgeable employee will be there when needed, but not before. 2855 Highland Dr., 474-1240,

Scentsations Lotions & Oils
The store sells every manner of body-care products, which customers can have custom scented from a long bank of bottles along the back counter. Scents can also be bottled by themselves for use in aromatherapy. Scentsations is great shop to find gifts for women that can’t be found anywhere else, like goat’s milk soap or boiled wool slippers imported from Peru. The store has a girly interior but carries lines for men as well. 1316 S. Foothill Drive, 364-0168,

Betsy Burton, King’s English
The mild-mannered owner of the cozy book lovers paradise King’s English at 15th & 15th, is also the feisty public face of Local First Utah, an organization dedicated to banishing chain stores from our midst, helping locally owned small businesses survive, and letting all of us enjoy a life more fulfilling than bad food, bad architecture and goods indistinguishable from Anytown, USA. Burton helped launch Local First after national book chains set up shop in Salt Lake and nearly put her out of business. King’s English has bounced back since, proving the battle can be fought. 1511 S. 1500 East, 484-9100,; P.O. Box 576, Salt Lake City, 828-0676,

Cactus & Tropicals
Wandering the winding paths of C&T, breathing in tropical scents while lingering over water fountains, is like a mini island vacation. The store also has a perfect setup for those who want to bring the island home with them but lack a green thumb. Employees will come to your business weekly to water, clean prune and fertilize your plants. The store also offers classes in feng shui, orchid care and Xeriscaping. 2735 S. 2000 East, 485-2542; 12252 S. Draper Gate Dr. (1325 East), Draper, 676-0935,

Free Speech Zone
Ask most in Sugar House about Joe Hill, and you’re likely to get a blank stare. Never mind that the American labor hero was executed around the corner at what was then the state pen, now SugarHouse Park. No such problems at Free Speech Zone. Store owners know their history and will sell you posters commemorating Hill and other labor martyrs made, sweatshop free, in the most left-leaning enclaves of the country. More than a store to buy clothing to label yourself one of the goodies, Free Speech Zone is the spot to plan protests, screen progressive films and generally plot the revolution. 2144 Highland Dr., 487-2295,

Karen Bayard
The specialty of Bayard’s Heart 2 Heart Pet Services is dog walking. The New York transplant takes dogs on off-leash hikes year-round in the canyons, but her pet-walking and -sitting service is seemingly open-ended.She also cares for house plants and, recently, chickens. A trained masseuse, Bayard is now looking for ways to incorporate animal touch therapy into her sitting services. 2981 S. 2300 East, 487-0263,

Sakura Saigon
The artisans working for this Utah operation are largely in Vietnam, creating silk fashion accessories for import. The Sugar House showroom shows off handbags, scarves, shoes and ties beautifully and intricately embroidered. In addition to silk, the store features wooden jewelry boxes inlaid with mother-of-pearl and bamboo curtains. Sakura Saigon also will customize orders to meet customer requests for color or design. 2682 S. Highland Dr., 466-3853,

The O2 Oxygen Spa
Go in for a simple pedicure, and you’ll get at least a contact high—the oxygen spa is so filled with the stuff. Better yet, plop into an anti-gravity chair for a 20-minute oxygen session, or one of the many other services, ranging from massage to B12 treatments, hot-stone therapy and herbal body wraps. Soon, the inversion will take over the valley for good, and we’ll all walk around in pressurized bubbles. Until then, O2 is your best bet for a spot of fresh air. 2150 S. Highland Dr., 428-3020,

Green Building Center
If you must build a McMansion, at least build it using products that won’t destroy the environment. The Green Building Center sells soy- and organic-based paints, paint thinners made of citrus peel, recycled glass tile, beautiful artisan-made sinks, bamboo lumber and floors made of salvaged wood. There, now you can sleep at night after you make the 30-mile commute home in your SUV. 1952 E. 2700 South, 484-6278,

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