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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Goods & Services Page 6

Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST BIBLICAL PUPPETS
Puppet Partners
Sesame Street teaches plenty of important lessons—secular lessons, that is. When retailers across North America want to provide character puppets with a spiritual bent, they turn to Utah-based puppet-maker Carolyn Frank. Established in 1994, her Puppet Partners business expanded in 2000 to include products that represent biblical figures from David and Goliath to Daniel and the lion. The collection grows annually and can be ordered online or purchased at The Quilted Bear in Sandy. 1343 W. Flint Meadows Drive Suite 4, Kaysville, 877-262-4117,

Bountiful Baby
The days of the slightly stylized baby doll are no more. In the 21st century, your artificial tot must look straight-outta-the-birth-canal authentic. This Salt Lake City-based online-only retailer offers not only fully completed one-of-a-kind sculpted newborns—some complete with umbilicus—but also do-it-yourself kits and spare parts for repairing existing dolls. The results are either breathtaking or creepy—and probably a little bit of both. 746-4438,

Salt Lake Valley Household Hazardous Waste Reuse Centers
That splash of color you’ve wanted to add to a room needn’t cost you a dime. People bring cans of unused paint to the Health Department’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Centers, and if it doesn’t belong in a landfill and still has some life in it, Reuse Centers make it available to the public for free. Check it out as well if you’re in the market for pesticides or fertilizers. Why buy something that you’ll just be taking to a disposal center some day? 6030 W. California Ave.; 4646 S. 500 West; 10873 S. 7200 West; 313-6697,

City Weekly’s “Best Barber” find of 2006 just keeps getting better. Success of his barbering over gimmicks has required Ray Francom to add two additional chairs. The happy result is something of a multi-ethnic flare. Chair 2 is occupied by a recent arrival from Jamaica; Chair 3 by a woman. Both are equally skilled as the shop’s namesake at forgotten arts like a shave with a straight razor or a fade cut. Ray’s isn’t a leftover from an earlier generation but a resurrection. 1328 S. 2100 East, 583-7297,

Cloud 10
“Loving, healing touch is beneficial to all beings,” touts the Website for this Park City-based massage therapy center. While they serve two-legged customers, Cloud 10 also offers unique services for canines, whether working dogs, show animals or lay-about family pets. In-home services are offered primarily to Summit County residents—travel surcharges may apply to out-of-area calls—but those fortunate enough to live close by could be proud owners of the most relaxed pooches in the state. 435-602-9379,

Brilliant Bundles
Just because your baby can’t talk, that doesn’t mean he/she can’t communicate. And just because it’s sometimes tough to get out of the house, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. This Bountiful-based operation offers courses for pre-talkers to learn American Sign Language—and if you can gather three or more friends, they’ll come out to your residence for your own personal “signing party,” with free instruction for the host. What’s ASL for “sign me up?” 2727 S. 625 West, No. C304, Bountiful, 750-5327

Lamplighter Square
Why can’t all malls be like the one affectionately known to east-bench residents as “liquor store square?” Small, quaint, and anchored by a state liquor outlet, the two-story stores of Lamplighter have balconies and look like small, peak-roofed houses. It feels like a neighborhood gathering place, and all the necessities are represented: a funky sushi place, Thai restaurant, salons, a chiropractor and an Indian food and gift store. What more could anyone want? Maybe the great Indian restaurant Bombay House, which has moved to a new location. 1615 S. Foothill Drive

The Orchid Dynasty
Owner Shelly Huynh Lewis and husband Clinton Lewis grow many of the orchids they sell in a greenhouse at the back of the store that also specializes in bonsai trees trained by the couple. To ensure customers remain happy with spendy purchases, the owners educate buyers on how to care for the temperamental plants. They spent the last two years developing their own formula of orchid food designed to work best with Wasatch Front water. Orchid Dynasty also sells cut flowers and makes arrangements for weddings, but even in the more traditional florist role, they specialize in the exotic, from tropical arrangements to ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arranging. 1344 S. 2100 East, 583-4754,

Blue Cockatoo
Before giving a present purchased at Blue Cockatoo, be sure to make up a story about the charming street fair or art festival where you found it. Much of the merchandise has, in fact, come from such digging, but the store’s owners have saved you the time by scouring nooks and crannies—many local—to find unique, handcrafted pieces. 1506 S. 1500 East, 467-4023

Grow Wild
The water-sucking West continues to be a haven for Kentucky bluegrass lawns and plenty of other flora with no real business being here. Your suburban yard can be a showcase for plants that belong in Utah, and you don’t need to go far to find them. This seasonal nursery (open March-October) offers literature on designing the optimal water-savvy landscape and a wide collection of shrubs, trees and grasses. Turn on your mind, and turn off the sprinklers. 372 E. 2100 South, 467-8660

Spotted Frog
Keeping an independent bookstore alive in pricy Park City can’t be easy. But Spotted Frog has found a way. Named for another endangered species, Spotted Frog is also a wine bar with its own resident sommelier trained at the American Sommelier Association. The store brings ’em in with wine classes, occasional open Scrabble games, and, of course, books. Redstone Shopping Center, Kimball Junction, Park City, 435-575-2665,

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