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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Goods & Services Page 4

Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST TRASH AS TREASURE
Deseret Industries
Deseret Industries is a beacon of humanitarian aid. The LDS Church’s nonprofit thrift store provides job training and essential items for those in need. For some, however, the DI is not only a model of community service but also an obscure pop-cultural heaven on Earth. From VHS copies of The Burbs and Death Sport (with David Carradine) to resin grapes and A-Team books on tape, you’ll score plenty of nondenominational swag to fill your home—and heart. Ahhh. Various locations

Kayo Gallery
Kayo never really went away—it just chilled in the balance until owner Kenny Riches could pick up the pieces and put his big-city gallery back together again. After Salt Lake City cops—armed with the irrational argument that all-ages music venues encourage under-age drinking—shut down concerts at Kayo, Riches transferred the visual art component to TRASA Urban Arts Collective in The Pickle Company, operating as the progressive nonprofit’s first-floor curator. While Kayo’s new space is small and narrow, the art on its walls runneth over with big ideas. Watch for future exhibits featuring works by former local Camilla Taylor and a showcase of metal necklaces cast out of nipples to support the fight against breast cancer. 177 E. Broadway, 532-4717,

Eleventh Street Electric Gallery
They’ve been around the block as employees; now they’re masters of their own domain. Situated in what could pass for the lobby of a hip sushi bar, Eleventh Street’s pristine quarters indicate attention not only to detail but safety in spades. Skilled tattoo artists, the Sugarhood crew deserves props not just for turning you into a living, breathing work of art but for treating you with respect and not a drop of attitude. Entering a tattoo studio can be intimidating. Eleventh Street will put you at ease. 1994 S. 1100 East, 467-4418

Paul Green’s School of Rock Music
God bless the child who’s got his own ax—the one who raises devil’s horns in loving tribute to Black Sabbath and AC/DC or channels Devo instead of whatever marginally talented pop idol is currently clogging terrestrial airwaves. Since 1998, Paul Green disciples have spread his word of hands-on instruction and baptism by live performance through the School of Rock. Local headmaster Steve Auerbach keeps the flame alive with not one but two Utah schools molding bright minds into the next Ozzy Osbourne (minus the whole bat-eating behavior). Auerbach’s instructors, most of whom play in local bands including Starmy, Form of Rocket and The Wolfs, are apparently so good they helped four students gain a spot on July’s West Coast All-Stars tour through 10 Western states where they will rock all night. Maybe party, but in a parentally approved way. 503 N. 400 West, 413-2894; 9083 South 255 West, 542-7179;

Glen’s Tires
Unlike its chain competitors who dazzle you with choices and price ranges but still seem to end up expensive with those little extras, Glen’s give it to you straight: the tires the staff considers best for your car at the best possible price. Just three guys—Shane, Kelly and Glen—cheery, laid back and hard-working. If it sounds like a sitcom, there is a touch of a gritty studio set about their premises on State Street just opposite Jordan Commons. These guys are the antithesis of the suburban experience—right down to being open on Sundays. 9534 S. State, 255-9488

While recognized as a premiere destination for extreme hiking, biking, camping and climbing, Moab is also home to one of Utah’s most progressive nonprofit organizations. Intended to become a “community life force,” WabiSabi offers residents tools to promote positive change through two thrift stores (Thriftique and The Warehouse), workshops (Alternative Building II, Xeriscaping, Bike Repair) and special events including the annual spring fashion show. Held on Fat Tuesday, this year’s Mardi Gras-themed affair featured unique clothing lines fashioned out of recycled materials with proceeds benefiting WabiSabi’s outreach programs. Function and form? Now that’s something we can all get into. 350 S. 400 East, Moab, 435-259-9114,

Salt Lake Running Co.
Pounding pavement 15 to 40 miles a week might be good for your heart, but in the wrong shoes, runners of all stripes risk sidelining injuries. Weekend warriors and serious athletes stay on track with Salt Lake Running Co., where staff members well versed in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and nutrition help customers find the right kicks, clothes and meal plans. The store’s Website also links to information about local running clubs, running paths and upcoming races. On your marks … 3142 S. Highland Dr., 484-9144; 1132 E. Draper Parkway, 676-0844;

Got Beauty
If you’re a girl, or you have an ounce of girliness in you, Got Beauty can be downright dangerous. The full service “virtual” salon, with a brick-and-motor base in Sugar House, doubles as a veritable beauty candy store that features shelves of dangly earrings, nail polish, T-shirts, high-end hair products, makeup, books, lotion, purses, wallets, sunglasses, wigs, shoes (yes, shoes!), and scores of other marvelous knickknacks that can easily soak up your latest paycheck. 904 E. 2100 South, 474-2090,

Scales & Tails
People have grown bored, or frightened, of clowns blowing up balloon animals at birthday parties. A livelier alternative is to bring Scales & Tails in with its array of reptiles. The show specializes in reptile education and exhibition, so kids learn how to not drop the reptile on its head. Highlights include a skink—a creature that looks like a snake that sprouted mini-legs—a giant snake and a wisecracking host who insures everyone will leave smiling and with no detached limbs. 577-7182,

Free Shoes from Haight
For the shoe-a-holic in every woman, Haight offers a free birthday gift far superior to any restaurant’s free ice cream dish … shoes. Not a discount, but free shoes in designs so outrageous and creative that heads turn at every glance. These shoes also are ordered only once in limited quantities and never replenished. Because most shoes are vegan creations, right down to the glue, even animal lovers can buy these shoes to wear or eat! To receive a free pair of shoes for your birthday, just buy another pair anytime and sign up for the mailing list. 2126 S. Highland Dr., 487-7771; South Towne Mall, 572-2390

Finally, Utahns with an idea for staying fit, a rarity in the land where funeral potatoes and Jell-O are considered a healthy meal. This Sandy-based company is the leader in quality for iPod based fitness programs. The programs use the nation’s top trainers and individually designed programs to help people achieve the best results while working out. Programs can be designed for the gym, indoors or outdoors, and they play your music library in the background during the workout. If you already enjoy blocking out reality by listening to your iPod in public, this is a great way to enhance your workout.

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