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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Goods & Services Page 1

Posted // June 11,2007 -

Since Jessie’s opened its doors a year and a half ago, the upscale lingerie and accessories store has revolutionized its clientele’s bedroom antics. Part of that impact comes from its custom-fitted bras, fine lingerie, ticklers and vibrating cock rings. But manager Jessica Garcia’s secret weapon is her always-sold-out classes on striptease and pole dancing. A professional dancer teaches Garcia’s clients how to remove their clothing and do lap dances for their husband or partner. It’s all aimed, Garcia says, “for women who want to become more persuasive in the bedroom.” Partners aren’t allowed to attend. They get to enjoy the benefits at home. 6300 N. Sagewood Drive, Suite F, Kimball Junction, Park City, 435-655-0262,

Shaun Coon, Coonyz Customz
Shaun Coon, pictured below right, was born with a bad heart, but that didn’t stop him from starting a custom motorcycle shop where he designed and built outside-the-box bikes from the ground up, hammering out the metal shapes himself or redesigning Harleys and other bikes to each customer’s personal taste. His shop became famous among chopper lovers. Last year, the 28-year-old had a deadly heart attack and was kept alive only by machines while in an induced coma. Utah’s entire motorcycle community rallied for him, ran the shop and took care of Coon’s family until he was able to get a heart transplant months later. Coon is now back in his shop, where his chopper buddies still come around to help out for free and even do his yardwork. And the hand-built bikes are still incredible. Coonyz Customz, 8585 S. State, Sandy, 569-8585,

Bang & Olufsen Gateway
You may already know the Danish make peerless furniture. Did you know this tiny Scandinavian nation also makes first-rate, designer audio and video equipment that looks as if it’s been pulled straight out of the future? This store’s the proof, and even if you can’t afford a stereo system climbing into the thousands of dollars, you just might feel inclined to spring for a $160 pair of ear-pods. Or just step into the store’s back room, which boasts one of the few B&O home entertainment systems on display in one luxurious studio display room. 357 W. 200 South, 532-0400,

Evolutionary Health Care
Most doctors’ offices make you feel as if you’re sitting on the borderline of a morgue. Not so at Evolutionary Health Care, which instead gives off all the vibes of a cocktail party just about to happen. Or, shall we say, an art exhibit in progress. As a partner with Phillips Gallery just across the street, it in fact is. It’s also a professionally staffed doctor’s office headed by the amiable Dr. Phil Haggerty. Exhibits change every month, from splashy prints to moody monograms and modern imprints. Even the waiting-room walls make you feel more at ease, a feeling very much needed when you’re about to get blood drawn. 461 E. 200 South, Suite 100, 519-2461

Starks Funeral Parlor
We’re all going to die. It’s true. We don’t, however, have to honor the dead in the same way. Starks Funeral Parlor offers mourners an opportunity to celebrate the lives of their loved ones with non-traditional services including a home with stainless steel appliances, aromatic meals prepared by a professional chef, fine wine and a vintage Cadillac Coupe de Fleur funeral coach (one of 12 ever made). Owners Jason and Shayneh Starks met in undertaker school where they cultivated an appreciation for personalized funerals with no sign-in book, long lines or stuffy speeches. Customers appreciate the chance to write a poem or memory for the deceased while a flat screen TV projects video memories that will never die. 3651 S. 900 East, 474-9119

If you’re at all familiar with sellers, that vast array of second-party sellers riding the crest of Amazon’s name recognition, you might just know that Herman Street of Ogden offers one of the most reliable sources of games, software, movies and music at great prices and prompt shipping terms. Or just visit the store’s site direct at Pay special attention to the store’s Shoplifter’s Corner, a treasure trove of goods at unbelievable prices. And don’t be surprised if they carry even the most obscure music title you’ve been unable to locate anywhere else, including the supposedly superior offerings of Salt Lake City merchants. Take that, elitists!

Frosty Darling
Painter-turned-business-owner Gentry Blackburn admits that she’s always been fixated by the eccentric, glamorous troupe of bohemians who orbited artist Andy Warhol and eventually became known as The Andy Warhol Superstars. If dearly departed singer Nico, writer and actress Viva, or transsexual Candy Darling ever stumbled across Blackburn’s storefront studio and boutique which sells paintings, furniture, clothes and magnificent odds and ends produced by local artists, they would immediately notify Andy Warhol, throw an impromptu party and purchase every last bit of merchandise. 177 E. 300 South, 532-4790

The Herb Shop
At the back of The Herb Shop hangs a portrait of natural medicine guru Dr. John Christopher. His herbal remedies also line some of the shelves of a store that features herbal gear from around the world. One-time Spanish Fork resident Christopher was known as much for his caring approach to patients as for his brushes with the law (and jail time) over approaches to medicine that displeased the medical establishment. The Herb Shop provides free health classes, promotes raw food diets and offers a comfortable, reassuring atmosphere of which Christopher no doubt would have approved. 160 S. State, Orem, 801-224-6900

Pirate O’s
Enter Pirate O’s sprawling gourmet store in Draper, and you never want to leave. It’s a treasure chest of British and European high-end eats that staggers the mind. Here you can find an extensive range of pates and a gorgeous array of exotic cheeses. Whether it’s Italian gnocchis or British Jaffa cakes, what makes Pirate O’s stand out is its attention to getting the very best example of every kind of gourmet self-indulgence you possibly could want. 11901 S. 700 East, Draper, 572-0956

Utah Sword Academy
Fencing masters have a reputation for being short-tempered and impatient. Which makes Ukranian Sergei Gritsaev’s winning combination of charm and humor all the more impressive. Although his English can be knotted at times, his teaching is lucid and fluent, his love for the art utterly infectious. His academy’s been open a year, and already he claims a national silver medalist among his 20-odd members. Take a class and you might end up parrying a merciless 12-year-old’s attack. But age doesn’t matter in a game that’s as much mental as sweat-drenchingly physical. It’s also graceful. As Gritsaev puts it, what fencing comes down to is a conversation between two blades. 577-6183,

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