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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Nightlife Page 5

Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST ROAD TRIP
All those great touring acts that used to come to Salt Lake City via sadly defunct clubs like The Zephyr (no, we’re still not really over it) and Ego’s (just last year) are now heading eastward—but at least it’s not Colorado. The grumbling over having to drive all the way to Suede in Kimball Junction is getting quieter as the club’s dance card fills up with bands like Blackalicious, Jedi Mind Tricks, B-Side Players, Stephen Marley and, perhaps the biggest favorite, the Drive-By Truckers. Suede is always worth the trip—for the music and the club. 1612 Ute Blvd. (Kimball Junction), Park City, 435-658-2665,

Club Vegas
A true rock & roll joint that hosts plenty of national and local shows that are very much in the here-and-now of modern metal, Club Vegas is also becoming the place to catch long-lost faves of the ’80s: Winger, Vicious Rumors, Tesla’s Frank Hannon and Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy have all played Club Vegas in the past few months; it arguably all began with a rip-roaring Krokus (yes, Krokus) show in 2005. Local-wise, SLUG magazine’s hella-packed 18th birthday bash in February may have ushered in the next wave: ’90s nostalgia. 451 S. 400 West, 364-8347,

Broken Record Bar & Grill
The club formerly known as Todd’s follows the Spartan philosophy: Instead of adding more furniture and accessories as most newly reopened venues tend to do, the Broken Record ripped most everything out to make for a better traffic flow—booths just aren’t conducive to thrashing, after all. The new stage ain’t bad, either, better presenting the loudest extreme rockers and hippest alt-hipsters, local and not. 1051 S. 300 West, 532-4775

Most clubs don’t bother booking live music—much less anything that doesn’t involve acoustic guitars and “feelings”—on Sunday nights, but not Monk’s: The “underground for the underground” can be counted on for Sabbath sounds every bit as good as what’s booked on Friday, sometimes even better. Then sleep it off and come back on Monday night for DJ Rebel’s Reggae Lounge, the hands-down best reggae night in the city. Traditional weekends are so overrated. 19 E. 200 South, 350-0950

Cheers to You
When/if that smoking ban finally comes to pass in 2009, Cheers to You may be one of the more unrecognizable bars in the city—who knows what the joint looks like behind the haze? Our killjoy Surgeon General wouldn’t agree, but that’s part of Cheers’ hole-in-the-wall charm, along with the inexpensive booze that keeps the college students and workin’ folk packing the place most nights of the week. Shot? Come on, just one … 315 S. Main, 575-6400
2. The Jackalope
3. The Cell Block

The Cabana Club & Rib Alley
It was a fine barbecue and soul-food joint, but Neil Ellis’ Rib Alley just didn’t last as long it should have on the west side—thankfully, the Cabana Club has brought it back and given it a home. Takeout is available, but if you’re dining in, the Cabana even suspends smoking until the kitchen’s closed, a classy move. Good tunes and good food, all in one place—score. Cabana Club: 31 E. 400 South, 355-9538; Rib Alley: 746-0835,

The Metal Gods & The Spazmatics (Liquid Joe’s)
The Metal Gods. The Spazmatics. Kitschy ’80s franchise acts. Still packin’ ’em in. Every Thursday and Saturday night. After all these years. There are shows on Broadway that don’t last this long. Color us impressed. Now fix your wigs. 1249 E. 3300 South, 467-5637,

Iggy’s Sports Grill
From humble beginnings, Iggy’s has grown into Utah’s sports bar juggernaut with six locations stretching to St. George and plans to franchise throughout the Western United States. So powerful is Iggy’s that it recently convinced stingy Logan city leaders to pry open liquor law books there to allow booze service. Still, Iggy’s likely won as a sports “bar” because of its huge food menu containing whatever a sports fan could desire: half-rack of ribs and Yankee pot roast alongside every conceivable kind of steak, burger, pasta, lasagna, pizza and sandwich. Oh, there also are games playing on huge screens. Multiple locations,
2. Lumpy’s Downtown
3. Port O’ Call

The Sunday Funnies (Mo’s Neighborhood Grill)
Staring through bloodshot eyes into another workweek, a few laughs could be the only thing to make the Sunday-to-Monday transition worth it—the Sunday Funnies at Mo’s Neighborhood Grill is just the ticket. The stand-up free-for-all begins ‘round 9 p.m. every Sunday, experienced and rookie comics throwing down their best (and uncensored) routines throughout the night while grownups consume adult beverages and kiddies gnaw on wings. Plus, you never know when someone like The Daily Show’s Lewis Black will drop by for a set (really happened). 358 S. West Temple, 359-0586

The Urban Lounge
Just as “indie music” doesn’t just mean scruffy dudes playing rock anymore, The Urban Lounge keeps evolving with the times better than most local 21-plus clubs by remaining all-inclusive to live hip-hop, hardcore, goth and myriad genres while still leaving room for the good ol’ indie-hipster rock that put ’em on the map. Bonus: The bartenders are some of the quickest and most attentive in town. 241 S. 500 East, 746-0557

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