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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Nightlife Page 3

Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST LEPRECHAUN SPOTTING
Murphy’s Bar & Grill
By definition, leprechauns are small male elves, cobblers by trade, usually bald and usually drunk on homebrew. They vanish the second you take your eyes off them. They guard pots of gold and avoid human treachery as much as possible. If caught, they’ll bribe you with great wealth in exchange for their freedom. But beware of gold coins they offer, for the coins crumble into ashes once they’re free. This advice should prepare you for your leprechaun encounters at Murphy’s, where you will spot many of these little beings. Not all are male, by the way. And not all are cobblers, either: They’re barbers, dentists, doctors, bakers and photographers, among others. Go ahead and ask the kindly wait staff at Murphy’s about the leprechauns. It’ll be worth the trip. 160 S. Main, 359-7271,

Piper Down Poker
The Piper Down hosts several Texas Hold ’Em tournaments throughout the week, but Tuesday nights are when the dead man’s hand comes alive. In other words, it’s aces and eights and the place is packed. On any given Tuesday, nearly 100 people play Texas Hold ’Em (for free). And, if you can make your way past the fishes and the sharks, you’ll find your way to the final table with Dankers dealing, Kyle in the kitchen and a bevy of beauties keeping your beer mug full. Games start at 8, but if you’re not there by 7, then you’re out of luck. 1492 S. State, 468-1492,

Ogden’s historic 25th Street strip has undergone a renaissance of late, as all the Ogdenites go, but the most reliable night out for a good time still remains the street’s stalwart, Brewskis. The name still sounds frat-ish in tone, but this is the one private club in Ogden that has something for everyone, and a good time for all, with live music on the weekends, and hearty pub food to adorn a plethora of televisions so you can see the game and check in with friends. Long may those John Wayne cardboard cutouts stand, and long may Brewskis reign. 244 25th St., Ogden, 801-394-1713,

Studio 600
A country/salsa/hip-hop dance club that caters to Utah’s underage and straight-laced youth. This recently opened 18-years-and-up club offers karaoke, dancing, pool and foosball five nights a week with no smoking or drinking allowed. What are the benefits? You get to listen to people who can actually sing, dance without being groped or spilled on, and head home without smelling like an ashtray. 26 E. 600 South,

Port O’ Call
People have been getting down at this corner club since the Berlin Wall fell to its knees in 1989. If you want to hook-up on the dance floor, over pub fare or at one of three bars, there’s a place for you at this establishment. And if that’s not good enough, there are pool tables downstairs and a veranda on the second floor, if it’s a particularly sticky night. 400 S. West Temple, 521-0589,
2. The Hotel/Elevate
3. Green Street

Club 90
Actually, this Sandy monster of a private club could house any number of parties at the same time at various locations. And, naturally Club 90 does frequently serve up several parties at one time—a wedding group here, an anniversary party there, a golf or bowling banquet everywhere and so on. But the real color of Club 90 comes through when it hosts its own shindig, be it a car show gathering, an Elvis party or a holiday bash. If it’s worthy of a gathering, Club 90 is the place to be, especially when serving up one of its famous banquet spreads. Dig in and literally let your hair down. (Uh, that was a reminder to all the Utah County girls who come up north for fun). 155 W. 9000 South, 566-3254

Club Sound
Friday nights are totally gay at Club Sound. You can grind your way to Club Gossip oblivion to the pulse of house music and top 40. For a change, every other Friday, they have a drag show—if you’re feeling sexy, bring your heels and a wig. This club is known for its younger crowd and they like to get crazy, so if you’re into smooth jazz and quiet conversation, this may not be the place for you. 579 W. 200 South, 328-0255
2. The Trapp Door
3. The Paper Moon

Not too many of Oscar’s youngish clientele would know this, but the building that houses this Midvale fun house has been operating as a private club since the 1950s, making it one of Utah’s most enduring watering holes. Today’s crowd isn’t exactly the mix of blue-collar workers mingling with a dinner club set of the old Sage Supper Club, but night after night you can still count on plenty of down-to-earth folks to gather round for a game of pool, a hand of poker, great steak specials and, of course, a nice cold beer. If music’s your thing, slip in for karaoke on Thursdays or some DJ sounds and dance away your weekends. By the looks of things, Oscar’s could be around for another few decades. 8136 S. State, Midvale, 569-8958

The Point After
Nearly every athletic sports facility in town boasts some kind of tie-in to healthy drinks, protein powders or power shakes. But Point After does them all one better: It’s a private club joined at the hip with the Sports Mall in Murray. After that sweaty workout, why settle for a mocha flax nutritional spritzer when you can mosey just a few more feet and rehydrate as nature intended with a Bloody Mary or a Budweiser? Or better, why settle for wheat germ when you can get a BLT on wheat bread? BTW, the Point After has some killer daily specials—high-calorie, of course. Now that the weather is getting better, try its fine patio as well—a great spot to catch the envious eye of the people entering Sports Mall who relax by beating themselves to death. 5445 S. 900 East, Murray, 266-9552

Cyber Slut Bingo
They’re here, they’re queer and they’re faaabulous—they’re the Utah Cyber Sluts, a group of charitable and over-the-top camp drag queens. Just about the last place you’d look for them would be in church, right? Welcome to Utah, Land of Perplexing Ironies: When the Sluts’ ingenious weekly fund-raiser became so popular that previous venues turned SRO, it moved to the social hall at the First Baptist Church—reminding us that not all Baptists are the frothing-at-the-mouth “God hates gays” kind. One hundred percent of funds raised go to charity—and it’s a hilariously fun and freaky way to spend an evening. First Baptist Church, 777 S. 1300 East,

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