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  • Choices Do Matter

    As a promoter of native plants for low-water landscaping, my experiences at the local farmers markets of late indicate that water conservation is not on most people’s minds these days. The recent water issue [Green Guide, April 17, City Weekly] is a timely reminder that water use has consequences beyond the individual.
  • Off Track

    I was really enjoying MaryAnn Johanson’s review of Railway Man [“Derailed,” April 24, City Weekly] until the end when she said, “They totes became best friends.” What the heck?
  • Odorific Nuptials
  • Odorific Nuptials

    A sewage treatment plant in Washington state is offering its facilities for weddings, touting its full catering kitchen, audiovisual equipment, dance floor and ample parking. The cost is $2,000 for eight hours.

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  • Live: Music Picks May 8-14
  • Live: Music Picks May 8-14

    Of thrash metal’s revered Big Four (Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer), only Los Angeles’ Slayer can lay claim to having never deviated from the formula: doom-doom-doom lyrics, breakneck rhythms, manic guitar solos


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  • 25 Year Beer

    Venues now offering the CityWeekly Best of 25 Year Beer French Saison Avenues Proper Bayou Beer Bar-new Beerhive Boston's-Layton-new Este Pizza Fiddler's Elbow MacCools Foothill MacCools Layton

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