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  • Jan 16-22, 2014
  • Vol. 30, No. 36


  • Fund Raider

    Bill would close purse strings of taxpayer-backed venture-capital fund
  • House Arrest
  • House Arrest

    Upcoming legislation aims to help minors trapped in license-suspension limbo
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  • Pollution Patrol
  • Pollution Patrol

    This week, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, will be speaking at the U about the investigation into the deadly embassy attack in Libya. Over the weekend, you can go on pollution patrol and film pollution
  • Kissing Qualms

    Some called it porn. What did you think of last week’s City Weekly cover depicting two men kissing?
  • What About Your Ads?

    I wanted to comment on the recent article by Stephen Dark [“Rape in Utah,” Jan 2, City Weekly]. It is a very tragic and disgusting thing that happened to Jessica Ripley.
  • Reality Chokes

    In an ironic and disturbing case of life imitating art, consider the following:
  • Cat Calls

    I just read Kathy Biele’s Hit under the heading “Corporate Kindness” [Jan. 9, City Weekly] that dealt with the cat that was on top of a power pole and would not come down. She said that the Salt Lake City Fire Department “refused the call for help.”
  • Star Quality
  • Star Quality

    An Indian merchant named Chandrashekhar posted a billboard in Tamil Nadu intending to honor the late Nelson Mandela. The sign showed a photo of actor Morgan Freeman

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  • Essentials: Entertainment Picks Jan. 16-22
  • Essentials: Entertainment Picks Jan. 16-22

    Many understand the phrase “identity crisis” as describing a phenomenon that usually befalls younger people struggling to understand who they are. But artist and Salt 9 exhibitor Jillian Mayer is asking what happens to modern generations when you throw in the complicating factor of online identity.

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