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  • Dec 12-18, 2013
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  • School Days

    What do you remember learning in school about the place you grew up?
  • A Good Mormon?

    If Shelly Smith is correct in her premise that being a dynamic speaker and an organizer—and not inspiration—is the premise for receiving a calling in the LDS Church
  • Join The Canyon Patrol

    After reading the stories about the man who pushed the rock off its perch in Goblin Valley State Park [“Like a Falling Stone,” Oct. 31, City Weekly], and after a recent trip to Southern Utah’s canyon country, I’ve realized there are needs in Utah that are not being addressed.
  • Salt Lake Bridge History

    Union Pacific is looking at another bridge across the Great Salt Lake [Hits & Misses, Nov. 14, City Weekly]?
  • Toxic Air

    Two related items arrived in my inbox this week. One was the announcement of Utah’s state implementation plan to improve our air quality, so that one day we may, perhaps, be breathing air that barely meets Clean Air Act standards—but only in six years’ time.
  • Woe Is Us
  • Woe Is Us

    Biologists studying the speed of mammal extinction on islands created when the Thai government built a dam across the Khlong Saeng river 36 years ago reported in the journal Science that on most

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  • Live: Music Picks Dec. 12-18
  • Live: Music Picks Dec. 12-18

    The fourth studio album from Austin rootsrock quartet The Band of Heathens, Sunday Morning Record—released in September— was created during a tumultuous time for the band,


  • Jingle Plays
  • Jingle Plays

    Two theater companies present family-friendly holiday productions.
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