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  • Talk the Talk
  • Talk the Talk

    This week, Salt Lakers can schedule time to meet with Mayor Ralph Becker to chew the fat over any municipal issues that might be bugging them. But if NSA bugging is your main issue, you can join Restore the Fourth Utah
  • Correction: Project Censored Author

    Correction: Due to a transmission error, the wrong author was credited for “Project Censored 2013” [Oct. 17, City Weekly]. Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez wrote the article.
  • Things Aren't Looking Good

    We are almost certainly witnessing the rapid and accelerating self-destruction of the human species and probably all life on Earth.
  • Spooky Stuff

    People who believe in an all-knowing god who does 24/7 surveillance should have no trouble with the spying of NSA or the constant monitoring ...
  • Vote for Erin

    There are countless great candidates running for municipal office this year. Among them is Erin Mendenhall, who is pursuing a bid for Salt Lake City Council District 5.
  • Mike Lee Isn't the Only Clown

    I truly don’t understand all the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over Mike Lee [“Clowns Aplenty,” Oct. 17, City Weekly].
  • Things That Go Boom
  • Things That Go Boom

    When a heating and air conditioning contractor heading to work in Virginia Beach, Va., pressed the key remote to unlock his truck’s door, the vehicle exploded, hurling parts into neighbors’ yards.

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  • Spindrift
  • Spindrift

    Psych-rockers conjure the ghosts of the American West on new album


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