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  • Oct 17-23, 2013
  • Vol. 30, No. 23


  • Shut Down the Shutdown
  • Shut Down the Shutdown

    This week the Legislature’s Veterans Reintegration Task Force will be hearing how the shutdown has affected veterans and military families and the public can come voice their outrage.
  • Congress Doesn't Care

    In the 33 years the GOP has had a heavy hand in our major politics, in the three decades they’ve exclaimed themselves as victor in both houses ...
  • Register, Vote, Get Results

    Andrew Radcliffe is so right [Letters, Oct. 10, City Weekly]. Utah is known for lack of voter participation, yet what is less known ...
  • Moron Takeover

    A few weeks ago, I posted the following question on my Facebook page for the amusement of my friends and family: “Do you know what pisses me off?”
  • Fall In, Shut Up

    Utah is a completely bizarre intellectual-bubble/echo-chamber, all controlled by top Mormon church leaders backed by their tens of billions of untaxed dollars and other vast resources.
  • Here We Go Again

    Here I am, perusing all 11 books of The Story of Civilization (that I have) and once again thinking I have wakened to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire ...
  • So, If It's Our Choice ...

    For years, we have been hearing a particular element of society say the government—in particular the federal government ...
  • The Price Is Spite
  • The Price Is Spite

    New York’s Suffolk County hoped to get at least $10 at an auction for a lot that’s only a foot wide but runs 1,885 feet from a highway to an Atlantic beachfront. It wound up selling for $120,000, however,

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  • Ani DiFranco
  • Ani DiFranco

    Folk singer is still pushing lyrical boundaries, even as she writes from a more mature place
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  • Fuzz
  • Fuzz

    Ty Segall's new band pays homage to The Rock
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