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  • Aug 22-28, 2013
  • Vol. 30, No. 15


  • On Sim’s Side

    I love Private Eye, and this column is a perfect example of why [“Chad’s Bunion,” Aug. 15, City Weekly].
  • Twilight Solutions

    Cody Titmus’ letter is spot-on with the issues, and many of his scenarios are also found at other venues [“Twilight Ain’t What It Used To Be,” Aug. 15, City Weekly].
  • Snoop Squad

    Is there anything worse than a snitch lurking in the shadows, silently waiting to tattle on the things that they deemed wrong ...
  • Keep the Words

    I want to give kudos and express my appreciation for my most recently received issue of your paper. It is good to see more articles appearing throughout the issue.
  • Shunning Happens

    When I first moved to Salt Lake City over 10 years ago with a job at the Olympics, I fell in love with it here: Beautiful land, lovely people and a great place to raise a family.
  • Cursive's Last Gasp
  • Cursive's Last Gasp

    Two German entrepreneurs invented an ink pen that recognizes misspelled words and bad handwriting. Its name is Lernstift, German for “learning pen,” according to Daniel Kaesmacher, co-founder of the company

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