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  • Jul 4-10, 2013
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  • Line of Fire
  • Line of Fire

    Death threats against Utah cops, prosecutors
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  • Status Quo Sucks

    OK. Swallow needs to go. That is perfectly obvious to anyone who cares about the integrity of Utah’s legal system.
  • New Courthouse, New Name

    Recently, there has been a debate about what to name the new federal courthouse in Salt Lake City [Hits & Misses, June 27, City Weekly].
  • Think Positive

    I’ve been reading the Letters column for several weeks now, and find it the best part of your paper, City Weekly. Your printing of an inmate’s letter [“Inmates Are a Part of Society” ...
  • You Should've Voted

    The worst thing about the John Swallow situation is not the alleged wrongdoings, but all the people who didn’t vote in the election because they believe that their vote doesn’t make a difference.
  • Disappointment or Gratitude?

    In Sharon Brown’s letter [“Barbecue Where?” June 13, City Weekly], she complains that R&R Barbeque ran out of food the night she dined there.
  • Love & Hate
  • Love & Hate

    A lot of things are objectively terrible even when they’re not put up against the impossible-to-beat sleep. Take running, for example. God, it’s awful.
  • Nude Behavior
  • Nude Behavior

    Homeowners called police after Thomas Edwards, 22, showed up at their residence in Casselberry, Fla., and started taking off his clothes on the back patio.

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  • Deafheaven
  • Deafheaven

    Deafheaven's scorching, cinematic black metal runs into criticism and compliments.
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