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  • Oct 6-12, 2011
  • Vol. 28, No. 21


  • Bluff & 9th & 9th

    Most apartment buildings in Salt Lake City have more residents than Bluff, Utah (pop 350), but they could be in the same legislative district. What do Bluff and and 9th and 9th in SLC have in common?
  • Contrasting Translations

    I wish people who want to post critiques in City Weekly would really know what they are talking about.
  • Please Help My Son

    I am not an elegant writer. I have never written a letter to the editor before, and I am fumbling through my limited vocabulary to make my best attempt to write down what is in my heart.
  • Complaining Is Easy

    It’s so easy to blame Mayor Ralph Becker for the behavior of the person who crapped in front of the entrance to the City Weekly offices, isn’t it?
  • An Artist Remembered

    The Utah arts community should note the passing of one of its premier glass artists, Robert M. Baird, from a sudden heart attack on Sept. 26, 2011.
  • Waste Makes Taste
  • Waste Makes Taste

    Authorities in China's Zhejiang province detained 32 people accused of operating a criminal network selling “poisonous and harmful cooking oil” made from used grease dredged from drains behind restaurants.
  • Scottie
  • Scottie

    Our crazy little boy. You loved to climb ladders but couldn’t get climb down. Lying in wait for the dog to walk by the attacking it. Good thing the dog loved you as much as we do! We miss you!
  • Colt
  • Colt

    “Our gentle giant” You have brought such joy to our family. When you were a puppy it has just you and me. Over the years came a husband and a baby. I will always be amazed how well y

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