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  • Apr 28 - May 4, 2011
  • Vol. 27, No. 50


  • Lab Overwork
  • Lab Overwork

    A new bill will increase the number of samples state labs will need to test for drugs and alcohol, but some labs are already behind on the workload.
  • Passed Off
  • Passed Off

    Woman feels neglected by rotating cast of public defenders.
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  • Time Lies
  • Time Lies

    I read an article recently about a man who says our current chronology is about a thousand years off and that the years between 500 to 1500 (to round it off) didn’t really happen ...
  • Dishonor Roll
  • Dishonor Roll

    Florida authorities accused high school senior Rachel Anne Hachero, 17, of pistol-whipping her mother and forcing the woman to buy her a car.

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