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  • Apr 14-20, 2011
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  • Fast Facts

    Thank you for City Weekly’s Best of Utah award “Best Fast Car: The Nish Streamliner.” We’d like to correct some information in the piece.
  • An Inconvenient Beer Ban

    I have always been under the impression that once people reach age 21, they are mature enough, both physically and mentally, to handle decisions regarding alcohol purchase and consumption. Apparently, there are some among the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control who feel otherwise.
  • Correction: Boarding Blunder?

    Re: “Best of Utah Blunders,” [April 6, CityWeekly.net], what about the blunder for naming Alta the third best place to snowboard? There is no snowboarding at Alta ...

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  • Guide to Record Store Day 2011
  • Guide to Record Store Day 2011

    Once again, it’s time for Record Store Day, when more than 700 independently owned U.S. record stores and 100 international stores celebrate music...
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  • The Cave Singers
  • The Cave Singers

    Common Folk: Seattle’s The Cave Singers make stripped-down people’s music.
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  • Lily Tomlin
  • Lily Tomlin

    And That’s the Truth: Lily Tomlin still embraces her classic characters after more than 40 years.
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