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  • Nov 18-24, 2010
  • Vol. 27, No. 27


  • Who Did 'It Gets Better' Best?
  • Who Did 'It Gets Better' Best?

    City Weekly announces a contest to find the Best "It Gets Better" video. Prizes will go to the Utahn who reassured depressed queer kids the best!
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  • Coat Exchange With Deanna Taylor
  • Coat Exchange With Deanna Taylor

    Six years ago, Deanna Taylor organized Utah’s first annual Community Coat Exchange. The coat exchange takes place every year on the day after Thanksgiving ...
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  • How Can I Help?

    I just read “Dead End” and was moved to tears. Illegal immigration has, for me, been an issue that I am continuously changing my opinion about.
  • Utah’s Soul Singer

    Here we go again folks—another episode of the Brian David Mitchell Show. Since he likes to sing in the courtroom, we should invite the general public to his performance...
  • It’s Emotional

    Those individuals who insist on editing movies to match their personal tastes are satisfying their emotional need for sex and violence while eliminating the language and images that do not fit their worldview.
  • I Decide

    Philip Gordon’s apologetics on “Scrubbed to Death” are just as irritating as those who inflict “political correctness” on free speech. Talk about repression.
  • One-Paper Town

    In Eureka, Juab County, City Weekly has become the only news publication available. Your recent coverage of the 2010 election follies...

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  • Livestock Auctions
  • Livestock Auctions

    It’s harvest season, time to stock up on fresh local produce like corn, squash and … steer? Most people buy their meat from the local grocery store, but buying from an animal auction



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