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  • Jul 17-23, 2008
  • Vol. 25, No. 9


  • Hits & Misses | Guns, TVs & Topless Missionaries
  • Hits & Misses | Guns, TVs & Topless Missionaries

    Shooting Season Nothing like a patch of warm weather to bring out the guns. Recent weeks have brought a series of horrifying shootings to the mean streets of Salt Lake City and Ogden. July 6 saw the death of a 7-year old in a drive-by gang shooting. An...
  • The Ocho | It’s Showtime!
  • The Ocho | It’s Showtime!

    Eight proposed locations for a new $81 million Broadway-style theater in Salt Lake City:8. Adjoined to the new Real soccer stadium in Sandy, cost-effectively merging two things of no interest to Utahns. 7. The Zephyr Club, if only to stop those stupid...
  • Newsquirks | Manchurian Candidate

    Curses, Foiled Again Calvin Robinson, 19, was caught counterfeiting in the family bathroom of a shopping mall in Spokane, Wash., after he spent $100 on a color copier to make enough bogus $10 bills to buy $90 worth of marijuana. The Spokesman-Review reported...
  • The Way It Is | U of U computer lab attendant Joseph Amici
  • The Way It Is | U of U computer lab attendant Joseph Amici

    Law enforcement experts will speak next week at a U.S. Senate committee about FLDS communities. Critics wonder if the committee is justified in light of the legal failures surrounding recent Texas polygamy raids. City Weekly asked Joseph Amici, a University...
  • Lake Effect | When Johns Fly
  • Lake Effect | When Johns Fly

    Habitués of City Weekly’s glamorous rooftop smoking lounge have a front-row seat for the many attractive sights and sounds provided courtesy of the 222 S. Main high-rise construction site. Monday’s program was the best yet: a Port-a-John...

Restaurants & Bars

  • Dining | Wine: Montrachet Magic

    I’m often asked by interested parties to name my favorite restaurant or my favorite wine. And usually, with the slithery aplomb of a professional politician, I avoid answering the question directly. However, this week I’m feeling magnanimous:...



  • Free Will Astrology | July 17-23
  • Free Will Astrology | July 17-23

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) After studying your astrological omens for the upcoming weeks, I got really excited. There was so much I wanted to tell you. I popped a chunk of organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free, espresso-tinctured chocolate in my mouth and...

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