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  • 5 Spot | Dr. Oakley Gordon
  • 5 Spot | Dr. Oakley Gordon

    The Kenosis Spirit Keepers and Salt Lake Quakers will host a fund-raiser featuring Dr. Oakley Gordon speaking on “Andean Mysticism and Healing the Planet,” this Friday, May 2, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Quaker Meeting House (171 E. 4800 South)....
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  • The Ocho | Economic stimulus
  • The Ocho | Economic stimulus

    Eight ways Utahns are spending their economic-stimulus checks from the federal government:8. Direct deposit to their local State Liquor Store. 7. Sick spinner rims for 2003 Hyundai Elantra. 6. Advance copies of David Archuleta’s autobiography....
  • Staffbox | Chelada party!

    If we have a chelada party and you can invite anyone from the Tribune or Deseret News, who would it be?Bryan Mannos: Steve. Paula Saltas: Robert Kirby; I enjoy his column. Mormons are fun drunks. I’m the designated driver for all my Mormon friends....
  • The Straight Dope | There Will Be Blood
  • The Straight Dope | There Will Be Blood

    The horseshoe crab is one of the oldest species on Earth, yet it is one of the few (if not the only) species with copper-based blue blood. The rest of us recently developed beings have red, iron-based blood. Did all animal life on Earth at one time have...
  • Newsquirks | Flush With Failure

    Curses, Foiled Again Christopher Allen Koch, 28, pulled into a bank parking lot in Liberty, Pa., and, according to police, waited in his car for about 20 minutes before heading for the bank entrance wielding a shotgun and wearing an orange ski mask. The...
  • Lake Effect | It’s for the Children
  • Lake Effect | It’s for the Children

    The latest plan to Protect The Children comes from the Safe Kids Utah Coalition, which sent out an April 25 advisory announcing the kick-off of its “Boost Till 8” campaign to raise awareness of a new law that requires kids to use car booster...

Food & Drink

  • Dining | Wine: Green Vino

    In recent years, the word “green” has come to describe or be associated with things environmentally friendly. Previously, I’d normally thought of green as another term for money, like cabbage, dough, jack, scratch. As in, “It’s...



  • Free Will Astrology | May 1-7
  • Free Will Astrology | May 1-7

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) Your power symbol for the week is an ant carrying a potato chip. It means you’ll possess so much strength that you’ll be able to hold aloft burdens that are much bigger than you. More than that, Aries. You’ll...

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