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  • Apr 17-23, 2008
  • Vol. 24, No. 49


  • The Ocho | Planned-then-scrapped events for Earth Day
  • The Ocho | Planned-then-scrapped events for Earth Day

    Eight planned-then-scrapped Utah events for Earth Day on April 22: 8. SLC Mayor Ralph Becker’s “Go Green, Get Funky!” disco/compost party at the City & County Building. 7. Around-the-clock screenings of An Inconvenient Truth and...
  • Staffbox | Should polygamy be made legal?

    Should polygamy be made legal? Brandon Burt: Not just legal. Mandatory. Every time some moralistic prick says he or she is “protecting marriage” by using the power of government to prevent nice, normal, productive gay adults from marrying,...
  • News Quirks | What Could Go Wrong?

    Curses, Foiled Again While sitting in an unmarked vehicle on a stakeout to catch an arsonist in Lambertville, Mich., sheriff’s Detective Thomas Redmond reported the 17-year-old suspect approached the vehicle carrying a bucket, unscrewed the gas...
  • Lake Effect | Swimming Poo(l) Update
  • Lake Effect | Swimming Poo(l) Update

    With warm weather just around the corner, the Utah Department of Health is doing all it can to prevent a repeat of last year’s pool-borne cryptosporidiosis outbreak. The department’s April 15 press release announcing proposed changes to pool...
  • Ask a Mexican | Press 1 for Superiority Complexes
  • Ask a Mexican | Press 1 for Superiority Complexes

    Dear Mexican: I work at a Seattle-based company, and our customer-service department uses a phone-tree system that asks all callers to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and a few other numbers for commonly spoken languages in our area. I handle customer...
  • The Way It Is | Lina Recupero of Lina’s Dart Shop
  • The Way It Is | Lina Recupero of Lina’s Dart Shop

    With the FLDS crackdowns at the compound in Texas, critics say Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is too soft on polygamist communities in Utah. Shurtleff reaffirmed he wouldn’t prosecute polygamy on its own unless there was related evidence of...

Restaurants & Bars

  • Dining | Wine: You Bet Umami

    If you haven’t heard about umami yet, you’re missing out on the Next Big Thing. I bring up the topic of umami in view of this week’s dining column, which is about sushi. Until recently, human tongues were thought to have flavor receptors...



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