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  • 5 Spot | Salt Lake City boxer Molly Janke
  • 5 Spot | Salt Lake City boxer Molly Janke

    With a year of training at Riverton’s Bressler Boxing behind her, 30-year-old Salt Lake City boxer Molly Janke has hopes of going pro. Her next fight is Friday, April 11, at 7 p.m., in Building 10 Pole Line Road, Pocatello, Idaho. Why did you start...
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  • Staffbox | Your Favorite Chocolate?

    From a box of chocolates, which is your favorite chocolate? Emily Prachthauser: The one with the golden ticket. Justin Healy: Dark chocolate truffle! Nothing is better. Hmm, I might need to go buy one after work. Andrea Moore: I like anything that isn’t...
  • The Straight Dope | Hybrid Vigor

    In the United States most electricity used in electric cars would probably come from fossil fuels, right? Given all the steps involved, does the loss of energy during electrical generation, transmission, battery charging, and electric motor operation...
  • Newsquirks | Happiness is a Worn Gun

    Curses, Foiled Again As Tiffany Vance and Christopher Egnatz were finishing their meal at an Applebee’s restaurant in Schererville, Ind., Vance complained loudly about finding worms in her salad. Servers let the couple walk out on their $57 tab,...
  • The Way It Is | U of U receptionist Victoria Medina
  • The Way It Is | U of U receptionist Victoria Medina

    A decades-long request for a meeting between the gay Mormon group Affirmation and the LDS church has finally been brokered. Fred Riley, commissioner for LDS Family Services, will meet with Affirmation this August to discuss LDS/gay issues. City Weekly...
  • Ask a Mexican | Fraud & Culture

    Dear Mexican: Sitting on my desk is a levy from the Internal Revenue Service for over $12,000 in unpaid taxes. Turns out some dude used my Social Security number for two years in Albuquerque to get paid and didn’t bother to pay taxes. It’s...
  • Lake Effect | Be Prepared
  • Lake Effect | Be Prepared

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency, reporting from its new top-secret, super-scary Lair of Doom, aka the Department of Homeland Security, has determined that an earthquake of sufficient magnitude in Salt Lake City would kill people. Not only that,...

Restaurants & Bars

  • Dining | Wine: Horse Play

    I’m always on the lookout for wine bargains and interesting wine from places not as prestigious or well-known as Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux or Burgundy. So this month I decided to explore some wines from Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards, located in...



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