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Re: “Trans in Utah

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Re: “Just Divorced

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Posted by Chizzy Peace on 01/14/2017 at 9:34 AM

Re: “Pronounced Echo

Thanks for your story, Steve! Case Managers are so much a key to success....MORE, MORE, MORE! And back to HRSA too, with yet another grant application!!

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Posted by Carol Cook on 01/12/2017 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Eating Well

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Posted by Chizzy Peace on 01/09/2017 at 4:08 AM

Re: “Home Sweet Home?

I love this story. I actually lived in the SULA, apartment 62A to be exact, from 1976 to 1978. It was my first apartment, I was a University of Utah student and I loved the building for all the reasons Colby Frazier and the other tenants cited. Plus, the Third Avenue bus line straight to the U. campus and regular takeout Chinese food from the Pagoda. My memory of the owners/landlords has faded, but given the timeline Colby provided, I realized it had to have been Dick and Jean Rayboud. Like the tenants interviewed in the story, I recall a neat and well-maintained building with the added benefit of great neighbors.

New owners, higher rents -- this made me sad. Thanks for the dip into nostalgia and some great memories, though. Nice work, Colby.

Holly Mullen
Salt Lake City
(You can print this, too, if you like)

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Posted by Holly Mullen on 01/06/2017 at 12:25 PM

Re: “The 3.2 Myth

Seriously whoever wrote this must drink PBR, Budweiser, Coors and other absolute garbage mass produces american piss water.

Tap beer here sucks and good beer should ALWAYS be served on tap(ideally on nitro)........and I'm not paying 2-3$ PER BOTTLE of stale skunky warm beer at the nazi run state liqueur stores. I'm now brewing 10 gallon batches at home and the bars and liqueur stores here will get ZERO of my dollars. Stupid laws costing Utah tax payers more money

Posted by hikeswithdogs on 01/04/2017 at 11:53 AM

Re: “Just Divorced

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Posted by Twanna Clayton on 12/20/2016 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Just Divorced

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Posted by Joel Sandra on 12/19/2016 at 2:47 PM

Re: “The Grits to Be Here

Seems to me the Utah (as well as other states) ought to ban the transferring of students from one school to another, simply on sports preferences. I graduated from Granite High, and this process of transferring from one school to another was one of the contributing factors in the decline and ultimate demise of one of the storied athletic programs in the state of Utah. PLAY WHERE YOU LIVE. develop the love,dedication, and commitment to that school. Paraphrasing Granites' school song."She will remember, you'll not forget her, though you are far, far away. Honor the grand old "G"

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Posted by Craig James on 12/17/2016 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Just Divorced

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Posted by Darrius Richrad on 12/14/2016 at 9:57 PM

Re: “Just Divorced

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Posted by Glory Allen on 12/04/2016 at 1:51 AM

Re: “Give!

Love this! Another great charity I totally recommend is the Utah chapter of Support the Girls. (…) ( It's Utah's first donation drive for bras and feminine hygiene products for women and girls in need in our state. They're collecting donations at 6 different locations until the end of the year, and they totally need more attention for how great of an idea this is!

Posted by heatherbaldock on 12/01/2016 at 1:55 PM

Re: “The 3.2 Myth

We should all just start/or continue to brew at home....
Nonetheless kill the liquor store/state monopoly

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Posted by samuelnosnikrap on 11/27/2016 at 8:16 PM

Re: “No Safety Net

As a former state employee assigned to work at Palmer Court I think it is important to support the staff and management of Palmer Court. I have seen the staff work tirelessly to maintain the campus, repainting, repairing and cleaning every single day. And so much more than that. Everyone works together to help people stabilize and heal. People who live in the community have very serious issues to cope with. The staff are kind, compassionate and humane - something that the residents have not always received. As long term resident said to me - we know what people outside of Palmer Court think of us and we know they wish we didn't exist. The life journeys of people living there are often horrendous and I don't know how they had the strength to keep living. Yes there are issues every day in living there and a few need help beyond the scope of what Palmer Court can provide. Before a person is evicted staff have gone above and beyond to help resolve the problems, find solutions, relocate, obtain more treatment and simply talk with the person involved. I am truly thankful that places like Palmer Court exist and are supported by the community.

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Posted by Mary McConaughy on 11/20/2016 at 11:42 AM

Re: “No Safety Net

Shame that more information was researched on the effects Palmer Court has had on businesses in the surrounding area. The Rock Shop just two doors south of there has had a huge increase in theft within their store and even had a resident from Palmer Court urinate inside their store on the floor. A family run business that is considering moving to strictly online sales. I'm sure that the Chevron gas station would have shared plenty of their stories as well. These are just two of many businesses in the area that have been negatively affected by Palmer Court. The heart of the community is in the right place trying to help out the most destitute of our community, but it also takes a lot more work for all these public services by having so many congregated in one place. Thank you for a very insightful article into how the place is being run.

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Posted by Aaron RoadKill Saxon on 11/16/2016 at 7:12 PM

Re: “But Do They Know It's Christmas


Posted by Wilson Paul on 11/13/2016 at 2:56 AM

Re: “Lost In the Hole

I happen to know Cameron Payne, and grew up near him. He lived a privileged life. And he was a good kind hearted guy. He loves family very much. And would do anything for people. He was in a very very bad motorcycle accident and nearly died! When he was released from the hospital months later, he was sent to a assisted living for awhile and I visited him and it nearly broke my heart to see him that way. He wasn't Cameron anymore . He could barley talk, his memory was lost. It was lieterly like he was a child again especially the way he thought and spoke. He didn't know half the people were that came to visit . But he remembered me I remember he wanted ice cream so bad. So we went and got some .
Camerons brain was injured so bad and there was nerve damage to his face . He can't function like a normal everyday person . He doesn't think the same. Because of what happened to his brain, he has outburst and becomes violent . It's almost like he doesn't have control over himself . So to say that all mentally ill inamtes deserve this kind of treatment is barbaric . Shame on people that think that way. Because you have NO idea who these people are and were before and Cameron will never be the same as he was before because of his accident. He has suffered greatly and does NOT deserve this kind of treatment . People that suffer brain injurys need the PROPER HELP! That's what is wrong with our justice system is you don't get it. You don't get the help that is needed . I'm not saying all of people in solitary confinement deserves to not be there but people that have mental illness don't deserve it They need help. Would you punish a Down syndrome individual if he commit these type of acts . My guess is probably not. It's heartbreaking that people just don't care.

Posted by cocobean on 11/04/2016 at 8:49 AM

Re: “Election Guide 2016

As Americans the top priority is putting individuals in administrative positions because they are responsible in handling tax dollars. Not to find the most expensive way of spending the dollar or for personal gain. But to help bless the nation. Not blowing money on individuals in administrative duties.

Blessing the nation means having funds to build schools, highways, and tons of infrastucture, and not being wasteful with taxpayers dollars.

When individuals run for politics and beleive they entered politics to collect huge perks because they make it about themselves and not the nation. It is heading in the opposite of what the constitution reiterates. " We The People ".

Mr. Trump is taking his personal money and investing this back into the nation. Unlike Hillary. By creating thousands of jobs. It puts millions back into the economy through payroll taxes, retail taxes, federal taxes, state taxes, and much more.

Have a close look at how the Clintons liked to handle charity dollars given to their foundation.
2014 Clinton Foundation Tax Return

Revenue Approx: 338 Million (337,99)

Only 64 % Revenue Spent On Charitable Organization

The Rest divided into Saved, Investments, Administration

These are the salaries of some top individuals who worked for the foundation and was entered into as Administration fees.

Eric Braverman 553,361.00
Mark Gunton 313,000.00
Maura Pally 283,000.00
Dennis Cheng 269,000.00

Bill , Hillary & Chelsea also used a private jet to fly everywhere when normally individuals fly around on charitable business they use regular airlines to save money.

We have to remember the money that is raised for charity, is to be used to HELP a cause. Not for any personal benefits.

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Posted by Don Decker on 10/30/2016 at 8:48 PM

Re: “Election Guide 2016

This is a good article, but since space is always limited, I'd like to add to it.

I'm running as a Write-In for SLCO Council District 2 against Michael Jensen, the former UFA Fire Chief who was running unopposed, but isn't any longer.

Responding to my campaign, Michael Jensen has said "I would hope anybody running for office would have a plan for why they would run, not just because there's a negative reason to run. It should be about what you can do to build the community." (DesNews)

This is a fair statement I'll answer to.

Yes, I have reasons to run and qualifications besides a "negative reason". This is Not my first campaign, I've run for West Valley City Council in the recent past. I've spoken in WVC Council meetings many, many times. I'm active in the community as a volunteer, nationally certified, fencing instructor at Granite Peaks Education, in Scouting at the Local and Council level. Recently I taught Citizenship in the Community and Nation merit badges to aprox. 250 Scouts and keeping sixty four 12-13 yr old Scouts in one class, engaged for two hours was a satisfying challenge.

I've been a volunteer EMT and like Michael, I've saved lives.

Over the years I've put forth ideas and plans that would help reduce the tax burden (unfortunately, none have been adopted that I'm aware of.) I've spoken privately with Councilmembers advocating for citizens to have chickens in WVC and now they do. I have an idea that'll reduce traffic congestion (but while Jeff White can't get traction on it, perhaps Councilmember White can.)

I have and will continue to influence others. I believe a community is not infrastructure, it's people. And I don't know what the State or UFA audit will say, but if they validate the media reports of the last few months, then, and only then will my trust in the man I voted for four years ago be gone. As of now, I'm waiting and holding out any judgement.

The plan - Listen, then research. In that order because then I get the bigger picture. Publish a Monthly Top 5 or Top 10 list of current and upcoming issues facing each community in District 2 and hold Town Hall meetings to get feedback and a bigger picture.

I will represent the people, keeping your money in your pockets. I've spoken against tax increases at WVC Council meetings and felt most of the Council wasn't listening. I want a Councilmember who will listen. I'll be that Councilmember.

I also want a Councilmember who is in attendance more than 48% (according to 2016 published meeting minutes.) I'll be in attendance. I'll be that Councilmember.

Write in Jeff White, SCLO Council #2
(please reach and follow me on Facebook and Twitter via my website)

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Posted by Jeff White on 10/29/2016 at 10:53 AM

Re: “Gone Baby Gone

In tears...where did it end? With my tween son's troubles, Judge J. Mark Andrus was very fair MANY times with this child.
I'm so hurt by seeing this, as I remember issues family members have went though. I believe he's a good man, but as Judge Diane Wilkins, let us know, oft times there are or AREN'T laws. They CANNOT advise, whether represented or not... I terminated my youngest's rights... pro se. Judge Wilkins, more than once, warned against such a $...we had no choice. This was a straight to the point, no bull, judge that was VERY law oriented. It wasn't till a year later, the last day she finally said what she thought... I was so scared...#wilkinstoppokerface we finally won.. he was in the disease of addiction..gave him a chance or 2 after, (for Des), he recently was in DCSO, (Davis cty jail), Somehow back child support eluded the order though. That's bull when they drive a nicer car than you and owe 11-28K.
I sure hope this little girl made it back to her family. I live in Bountiful, I adore the Mexican people I know. Yes, there are some....(many adjectives) ones...but mi hijo de oro went on a mission to Mexico cuidad en de Norte mission... We love them.. I hope the Mam got clean and they &/or Abuela got that baby girl back at...what 3? UGHHHH...#brokensystem

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Posted by Wendy Rasmussen on 10/28/2016 at 1:01 AM

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