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Every year, City Weekly and a committee of local music influencers nominate 20 each of the city's best bands, DJs and rappers to participate in the City Weekly Music Awards.

The public votes on those three Top 20 lists , moving their favorites into the top 10. The top 10 performers from each category each performed in one of our two DJ showcases, two band showcases or our rap showcase between Feb. 20 and March 1, where they were evaluated by a panel of judges and received in-person votes from attendees.



The Takeaway: 2014 CWMA Rap Showcase at The Complex

{Ak_posted} For Utah rappers (and, perhaps, rappers everywhere), it seems that there are two basic courses of action: complain about how you don't get any sh...

Recap: Final CWMA Band Showcase

{Ak_posted} The band showcase at The Complex on Friday night was a powerful wrap-up to the 2014 CWMAs. With a lineup that featured Drew Danburry, Mideau, The...

Drew Danburry
The Hollering Pines
The Circulars

Pics: Final 2014 CWMA DJ Spin-off @ Zest

{Ak_posted} The the open-format DJ Spin-off—the final DJ showcase of the 2014 CWMAs—happened Wednesday night, with killer sets from Justin Godina, DJ ...

Recap: First CWMA Band Showcase

{Ak_posted} There are a lot of adjectives that could be applied to the CWMA band showcase on Saturday night at The Complex—but “boring” definite...

CWMA: EDM/House DJ Spin-Off at The Hotel

{Ak_posted} The City Weekly Music Awards kicked off on Thursday at The Hotel with the EDM/House DJ Spin-Off. The evening included sets from Bello, Nate Lowpass, D...

DJ Dizz
Mr. Vandal
DJ Loki


Music Articles


Posted // February 27,2014  - Catching up with the Band of the Year of 2013. For L’anarchiste, winning the City Weekly Music Awards Band of the Year title in Apr ...

Music Articles

CWMA 2014

Posted // February 12,2014  - City Weekly Music Awards: Utah's biggest Local Music event The City Weekly Music Awards aren’t about City Weekly. They’re not about givi ...

City Weekly Music Awards

CWMA Band of the Year 2013

Posted // May 1,2013  - L'anarchiste & Utah's best bands The phrase “dress for success” brings to mind power suits, not rock & roll pa ...

City Weekly Music Awards

CWMA DJ of the Year 2013

Posted // May 1,2013  - Flash & Flare leads Utah's best DJs This year, no one could predict with confidence who would win DJ of the Year. At the first ...

This year's CWMA committee: City Weekly Music Editor Kolbie Stonehocker; City Weekly writer Colin Wolf; Planit Ra Hotep, KRCL; Corey Fox, owner of Velour; Street Jesus, Uprok; Meera Masud, U92; Chris Holifield, IAmSaltLake podcast; Travis V/O Vallejo, Wasatch EightyAce; Justin Smith,; Alexander Ortega, SLUG Magazine; Will Sartain, co-owner of The Urban Lounge and Kilby Court; Ebay Jamil Hamilton, KRCL music director and on-air host; Dan Nailen, local music writer and former City Weekly music editor; Gavin Sheehan, Gavin's Underground; Austen Diamond, former City Weekly music editor; Sarah Kramer, City Weekly contributor; Benjamin Bombard, RadioWest producer; Jesse Walker, New City Movement; Nate Lowpass, V2; B-Side Greenlight, B-Side Radio; former CWMA winners ChaseOne2 and DJ Flash & Flare; DJ Juggy, Pierpont Artists and The Hotel


The Salt Lake City Arts Council, presenter of the Twilight Concert Series, is proud to be a partner of the 2014 City Weekly Music Awards. This year the Arts Council is pleased to offer each of the 2014 CWMA Award winners, in each of the three categories, a chance to perform at the 2014 Twilight Concert Series.

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