Q&A with Chris Neve

The Starving Artists Project

Meet Benjamin Luks-Morgan

He shares his journey from female to male

Meet Cate Allen, Host of K-TALK's Celebrating Women: The Women's Show

A local radio star and good samaritan flying under the radar.

Meet Ryan Bahr, Student, Hiker & Amputee

Murray resident Ryan Bahr is an avid hiker and prospective medical student completing his undergraduate work at the University of Utah.

High Road for Human Rights

Catching up with former Mayor Rocky Anderson
Ross “Rocky” Anderson continues to play a part in the city’s growth.

Meet Joel Johnson, Political Consultant

He is advancing behavioral health and criminal justice policy
Six years ago, Joel Johnson arrived in Salt Lake City to enter a court-ordered treatment program.

Meet Diane Hartz Warsoff, daughter of a World War II refugee

CEO of the Community Development Corporation of Utah, she repays a 70 year old kindness.
By the time France was liberated at the end of World War II, almost 350,000 Jews in France had been killed or targeted for Nazi annihilation. Through courageous efforts of French locals, 7,000 Jewish children were hidden and saved from the authorities, including one girl who grew up, came to America and whose thankful daughter, Diane Hartz Warsoff, now repays that 70-year-old act of humanity here in Utah.

Meet Kayden Troff, Utah's only chess grand master

The 18-year-old shares his passion with us.
The game has become his life, and he's not slowing down. Troff is preparing to play in the annual United States Junior Closed Championships, which is hosted by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.

Meet Jessica Shade, Case Manager at Valley Behavioral Health

One of about 800 employees that has served 18,000 clients last year alone
Valley Behavioral Health is a nonprofit network of clinics that last year served almost 18,000 clients with behavioral issues, addictions, psychiatric conditions and other chronic health issues.

Tracing Your Heritage

A journey of heritage and personal discovery.
Meet Sibylle Randoll as She Traces the Steps of Her Great-Great Grandfather

Losing His Religion

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn talks about controversial new video and what it means to be proud

In the video for Tyler Glenn's solo debut "Trash," it's clear the Neon Trees frontman is out for provocation (think: booze-slingin', secret-handshaking and altered portraits of Mormon church founders Glenn defaced himself). He's also out for answers from his former faith, and more importantly, closure given the church's stance on LGBTQ members. In a candid chat with City Weekly, the singer talked about the controversial vid, escapism in music and what it means to be proud.

Sights and Sounds from Crystal Mountain Pony Con

"I wear my bronyness on my sleeve"
Salt Lake City's Crystal Mountain Pony Con is a place for fans of My Little Pony to meet and celebrate what they love without the judgement that often follows them. In this video shot over the weekend festivities, attendees explain that My Little Pony is much more than a kids' TV show—t's a show that promotes acceptance and friendship; one that now has jokes and characters aimed toward their growing adult fanbase.

A Chat with Mika Israelsen of the UNPA

Tasked with restoring old signs in Sugarhouse, Israelsen shares her job with us
Mika Israelsen is an employee at United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) in Sugar House.

The Drummer That Would

Sabina Sandoval helped found the Liberty Park drum circle 22 years ago.
She now runs the nonprofit organization Free to Be Me, which puts on drumming-themed events for school children, hospital patients, prison inmates and others.

Meet Harry-It Winston, Miss City Weekly 2015

The Winner of the 2015 Miss City Weekly Drag Pageant
Hear ye, hear ye!

Meet Brett Cross, a Utah Dept. of Health Manager

With many initials in his official title, Brett breaks it down for us.
There are a lot of initials in the title SNS/ESAR-VHP Manager, Preparedness Program.

Meet Derik Flanary and Max Orton, guides on the Provo Cycling Ghost Tours

They teach fellow cyclists and paranormal enthusiasts about the surprisingly creepy history of Provo
By day, Derik Flanary (below left) is an iOS developer.

A chat with Kesler Ottley

An avid traveler, and a full-time freelance photographer.
Meet Kesler Ottley, 23, born and raised in Salt Lake City. He is an avid traveler, and a full-time freelance photographer—who has shot everything from weddings to nature—and has even toured the country with the band Sites.


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