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Throwing Shade

Local "Optician to the Stars" has had brushes with Elvis, Elton John.

Q&A: Alison Einerson

Director of the Downtown Farmers Market at Pioneer Park since 2012.

Q&A: Nancy McGahey

Utah Dispute Resolution.

Q&A: Nick Frederick

The executive director of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party says, "You need patience to not get discouraged."
Nick Frederick is executive director of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. He moved to Utah in 2015 from Washington, D.C., where he worked for Sen. Tim Kaine—who, he laments, did not become vice president.

Q&A with Reynold D. Willie

A retired U.S. Navy nuclear submarine missile technician
>What could beat having a retired U.S. Navy nuclear submarine missile technician as your teacher? If you took a science or art class at Valley Junior High or Wasatch Junior High prior to 2003, there's a good chance that you scored Mr. Reynold D. Willie as your teacher.

Q&A with David Kliger

The cyclist, back-country skier and volunteer dentist talks about his experiences.
"I love talking with patients, learning their stories from Iraq, the Pacific Islands, Hispanic regions, everywhere," Kliger says.

Q&A with James Hernandez

Peaceful Advocates for Native Dialogue and Organizing Support
Many have heard the term "cultural appropriation" in the context of Halloween costumes, but aren't aware of the many facets and their repercussions for those on the receiving end.

Q&A with Kris Johnson

Kris Johnson is director of the jazz program in the University of Utah Department of Music.
I saw [Spike Lee's 2000 film] Bamboozled in college, and was blown away by the minstrel show and blackface imagery.

Q&A with Rich Woodruff

Everyone wants to save the world, make a living and have an enjoyable life. How have you managed to combine all three?
Rich Woodruff has the good fortune of being able to combine three of his life's passions, and he is doing well by doing good. Everyone wants to save the world, make a living and have an enjoyable life.

Q&A with Noor Ul-Hasan

Muslim leader and community activist
Muslim leader, community activist, nonprofit organization founder, radio host, busy public speaker, wife and mother.

Q&A with Addison Odom

Addison Odom's first career as a photographer-writer morphed into teaching high school visual arts in Memphis, Tenn., and now she helps save the world here in Utah through wilderness therapy after a brief stint as an organic farmer.

LGBTQ-rights pioneer Cleve Jones on the new frontier of gay rights

Breakthroughs for LGBTQ rights wouldn't be possible without those who put themselves on the line, such as author and activist Cleve Jones.

Q&A with James Jackson III, founder of the Utah African American Chamber of Commerce

The UAACC’s mission is to foster accessibility, networking and education.
Eight years ago, Salt Lake City resident James Jackson III founded the Utah African American Chamber of Commerce—a key resource for small businesses owned by members of the local black community, as well as other minority groups.

Meet Chris Tellesbo

He’s an astrophysics graduate student and research assistant—and professional disc golfer.

Q&A with Margo Walters McDonald

Get to know one of the 10 most influential Utah women in skiing.
If you’d like to become a U.S. Olympic downhill ski racer, you’d want talk to McDonald, who’s been there and done that.

Q & A with Nathan Spenser

By day, Nathan Spenser is a cool substitute science and math high school teacher for the Granite School District. But two to five nights a week, he is in the Salt Lake City music scene as a multifaceted artist.

Q & A with Marian Pham

They enter the bar in twos and threes ... ordering a drink, donning yellow smocks and eventually settling down before blank canvases, brushes and styrofoam plates with dabs of acrylic paint.

Q&A with art activist Cat Palmer

Local photographer fights to Keep the Politicians Out of Our Vagina with powerful photo series.
Think you're an activist? Cat Palmer will put you to shame—in a good way. This local artist/photographer—who was chosen as a staff pick for Best Feminist in City Weekly's 2016 Best of Utah—will inspire you to do more.


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