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Gavin's Underground

In The Loop: 4/19/14. Heroes Running To Vinyl!

Posted // April 19,2014   Hello to all you vinyl-collecting, disc-flipping, cassette-rewinding, shirt-printing, band-loving, catalog-scanning, they-were-much-cooler-when-only-seven-people-knew-them enthusiasts!

Music Blog

Local Releases: Solo Men, Grouped Women & Long-Timers

Posted // April 18,2014   This weekend we got a couple of release shows (for those of you not running around or dressing up) to check out, as well as a handful of quick online-only albums.

Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: Weekend To-Dos

Posted // April 18,2014   Dear GYA, This weekend is by far my favorite part of the year. I'm not talking about Easter, I'm talking gonna Peeps, baby. You know. those slightly stale, gritty, sugary marshmallow globs? They're delicious. More than likely I'm gonna slam my weight in Peeps all weekend. That's right, I'm gonna Peep so damn hard. Anything going on this weekend besides extreme Peepin'? Rick Rocker, Rose Park

News Blog

Dead Zephyr: Week 543

Posted // April 18,2014   The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003. 

Film Reviews

Under the Skin

Posted // April 18,2014  - Under the Skin casts the hypnotic spell of experiencing the world for the first time Among the first discernible sounds in Under the Skin—director Jonathan Glazer&rsquo ...

Film Reviews

Nymphomaniac Vol. 2

Posted // April 18,2014  - Coitus continuous and a frustrating climax When we left Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, we’d been stopped cold in the midd ...

Free Will Astrology

April 18-24: Compensation Week

Posted // April 18,2014  - Don't lust for revenge, Aries It’s Compensation Week. If you have in the past suffered from injustice, it’s ...

Gavin's Underground

Blown Magazine

Posted // April 17,2014   To those who question the uncertainty of publishing in the future hands of young writers and editors, one need look no further than a small publication in Ogden that's starting to make waves.

News Blog

Alternate Realities Roundup 4/18

Posted // April 17,2014   ProPublica looks at the shocking resegregation of schools in the south.

News Blog

A Glimpse into 2050 and the Invasion of 2.5 Million More Utahns

Posted // April 17,2014   Imagine your life as it exists now. Waking up, walking the pooch in the morning, commuting to work, slugging through the day and coming home after stopping by the store on your way back. Now imagine it's the year 2050 and your sharing your little world with 2.5 million more Utahns that now call the Beehive State home. What's the air quality like with millions more wheels on the ground? Where we gonna put them all?-- a floating city on Utah Lake? Planners shed light on their vision of the future Thursday and argued the state can accommodate growth and preserve a quality of life to make the future more utopian than dystopian.

Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: T-Pain, Hyper Crush & J-Live

Posted // April 17,2014   Dear GYA, Yes, the rumors are true, we will be doing a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire. I don't want to give too many spoilers away, but basically, the film will takes place 20 years in the future where we find Mrs. Doubtfire, desperate for money, forced to enter RuPaul's Drag Race to save his family's home from foreclosure.

True TV

Orphan Black, Community

Posted // April 17,2014  - Plus: Salem, The Boondocks, True Tori Season Premiere: The Only TV Column That Matters™ inadvertently overlooked the 2013 ...

Music Articles

Creature Double Feature

Posted // April 17,2014  - SLC band explore worlds seen and unseen on new album Taking the form of the root of an ancient tree, sinking into the earth beneath the forest ...

Music Articles

Deep Space

Posted // April 17,2014  - Deep Space aims to unite EDM music, art and an environmental message With its recent rise in popularity, electronic music shows are becoming almost as numerous ...

Music Articles

Record Store Day 2014

Posted // April 17,2014  - What's happening in SLC for RSD I still have my first record purchase, from 1986: Run-D.M.C.’s “You Be Illin&r ...

5 Spot

Cat Litter From Coal Ash

Posted // April 17,2014  - Local chemist Jessica McKelvie finds purr-fect solution A Westminster grad and a cat owner, Jessica McKelvie is also a process chemist for local c ...

CD Reviews

Richard Tyler Epperson, Laughter, Mary Tebbs

Posted // April 17,2014  - Local CD Reviews: Landscape of Love, Ain Soph Aur, Hourglass Truly falling in love requires opening oneself up to another person, for better or worse. ...

Citizen Revolt

Meet & Grill

Posted // April 17,2014  -   This week, Salt Lake City residents can schedule time to meet personally with Mayor Ralph ...

CW Music Picks

Live: Music Picks April 17-23

Posted // April 17,2014  -   As an audience-delighting act at significant local shows such as the Rooftop Concert Serie ...

CW Arts Picks

Essentials: Entertainment Picks April 17-23

Posted // April 17,2014  -   Utah expatriate Kristin Ann King may now live in Seattle, but her fascinating short-story ...

Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: Broken Bones, Underachievers & Phantogram

Posted // April 16,2014   Dear GYA, Whoa, it looks like Paul McCartney will be at EnergySolutions Arena later this summer. Paul McCartney, man. You know, that guy that did that one cameo on 30 Rock a couple years ago. Oh, and I think he's the dude that always does those Across The Universe covers... great music in that movie. Anyway, anything happening tonight better than Paul McCartney, whoever he is? - Mel Gurp, Tooele

Green Guide

Green Guide 2014: The Water Issue

Posted // April 16,2014  -   After an unusually dry winter across the West, we’re dedicating this year’s Gr ...

Food & Drink Blog

Wine Wednesday: A to Z Pinot Noir

Posted // April 16,2014   I love Pinot Noir. If you're reading this, you probably do too. Unfortunately, a lot of the great Pinot Noir is beyond my budget.

Hits & Misses

Layoff Beat

Posted // April 16,2014  - Also: Money Grabbing, County Cooperation. “Staffers Told Washington Examiner Will Cease Daily Publication,” “This ...

News Articles

Waste Watch

Posted // April 16,2014  - A complaint about a buried oil drum led to swift inaction by environmental regulators As Russell Ridge walked the length of a vacant lot in North Salt Lake, trying to get a fee ...

News Articles

Court Adjourned

Posted // April 16,2014  - Saying farewell to the ghosts and grandeur of the Frank E. Moss courthouse A pair of bullet holes—remnants of a 1927 shooting—can still be seen behind a ...