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True TV

Bad Teacher, Black Box

Posted // April 24,2014  - Plus: Last Week With John Oliver, Playing House Series Debut: Do we really need a weekly sitcom take on Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher w ...

Music Articles


Posted // April 24,2014  - SLC band release debut album before leaving on LDS missions One of the fastest-rising bands in the SLC music scene will finally be releasing its much- ...

Music Articles


Posted // April 24,2014  -   “ The past year of my life, I’ve just been like ‘fuck it’ t ...

Citizen Revolt

Walk for Awareness

Posted // April 24,2014  -   Warmer weather marks the start of the fun run and awareness-raising charity walk season. T ...

CW Music Picks

Live: Music Picks April 24-30

Posted // April 24,2014  -   The lineup for this installment of Hip Hop Roots SLC will feature DopeThought, rap crew Ho ...

CW Arts Picks

Essentials: Entertainment Picks April 24-30

Posted // April 24,2014  -   What drives Deborah Hake Brinkerhoff’s artistic composition is pure impulse. An arti ...

Gavin's Underground

Ririe-Woodbury: Accelerate

Posted // April 23,2014   Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company will bring their 50th Anniversary season to a close this week, but before they go, they've got one last performance on the docket that's sure to delight.

Food & Drink Blog

Wine Wednesday: Coppola Director's Cut Cinema

Posted // April 23,2014   During a recent visit to Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Sonoma, I had the opportunity to taste a unique wine called Director's Cut Cinema ($39).

Music Blog

Concert Review: Chvrches at The Depot

Posted // April 23,2014   Chvrches is a band that in the space of a year rose from obscurity to international popularity, with tickets for their Salt Lake City show selling out two weeks beforehand.

Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: Soul Night, Mickey & Fortunate Youth

Posted // April 23,2014   Dear GYA, Of course we're pushing for the University of Utah to change it's fight song. Why? Because the words "man," "fairest" and "coeds" are extremely offensive, in a any context. On a related note, we'd like to see these words stricken from all university books and it would be a huge deal if people stopped using them in casual conversations? Anything happening today less offensive than "Utah %&#?" - Sam Ortiz, University of Utah

5 Spot

The art of peace & aikido at Utah Aikikai

Posted // April 23,2014  - Dojo members will perform at Saturday's Nihon Matsuri festival At Utah Aikikai, you’ll find sensei Rick Berardini and senior instructor Marc Fisher ...

Hits & Misses

Rights & Wrong

Posted // April 23,2014  - Also: Land Grab, Go Utes What is it about “the rule of law” that makes it so ambiguous, especially to t ...

News Articles

War of the Wasatch

Posted // April 23,2014  - As development in the Wasatch grows, Save Our Canyons works for wilderness and water protection A persistent protector of the Wasatch Mountains is the group Save Our Canyons. Founded in ...

News Articles

Cleaning the Mean Streets

Posted // April 23,2014  - A new work program hires the homeless to clean up around shelters Life on the streets for Salt Lake City’s homeless is not easy, nor is it pretty, giv ...

The Ocho

Bearing the Jazz

Posted // April 23,2014  - 8 favorable takeaways from the worst Utah Jazz season since the '80s Eight favorable takeaways from the worst Utah Jazz season since the ’80s ...


All Right Then, I'll Go to Hell

Posted // April 23,2014  - Like Huck Finn, I want to be "good," but it's a hard choice I will particularly miss my favorite co-worker, Huck Finn, a 13-year-old boy with distaste ...

News Blog

Report Details "WTF" and "CYA" Moments in AG's Office

Posted // April 22,2014   The report of an internal investigation into how the Attorney General's Office has handled the prosecution of convicted white-collar fraudster Marc Sessions Jenson was released Monday. Here are five takeaways from the report about the role of former AG John Swallow in the case, the hair-pulling frustration of AG staff trying to prosecute the case without interference from their boss former AG Shurtleff and other points of concern about Shurtleff's conduct during the controversial case that “defies explanation.”

TV Blog

TV Tonight: Fargo, True Tori

Posted // April 22,2014   What’s new on the tube tonight: Fargo (FX) In the second episode of TV’s best new series, Glenn Howerton (Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) turns up as a dim-but-determined local personal trainer,

The Secret Handshake

The Best of SLC's Craigslist Vol.15 (Comic Con Hook-ups!)

Posted // April 22,2014   Sure, Craigslist is great for things like selling a car, finding a job or renting a room. But it's also a fantastic site for showcasing the most bizarre crap this city has to offer. Welcome to The Secret Handshake’s best of SLC’s Craigslist: A monthly handpicked collection of Salt Lake City’s finest weirdos, irrelevant rants and useless hoo-haa. Let me be your guide.

Music Blog

New Tunes Tuesday: Neon Trees, The Menzingers, Eels

Posted // April 22,2014   Hey there, music fans. Today is a proud day for Utah, as Provo-scenesters-turned-worldwide-superstars the Neon Trees just released their latest album, Pop Psychology.

Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: Chvrches, Graveyard & Switchfoot

Posted // April 22,2014   Dear GYA, As you may have heard, we've decided to not renew Ty Corbin's contract and we're currently searching for a new head coach of the Utah Jazz. Trust me, we're exploring the best possible names available like former head coach Jerry Sloan and if he's not available than maybe his wife or kids, or, if shit gets ugly, we've heard there's a woman named Sloan Jerry who lives in Murray. Anything happening today easier than finding a new head coach for the Jazz? - Greg Miller

News Blog

Alternate Realities Roundup 4/22

Posted // April 22,2014   A small business owner explains why raising the minimum wage is a good thing and will level the playing field between big corporations and small businesses.


Ririe-Woodbury: Accelerate

Posted // April 22,2014  - Accelerate closes Ririe-Woodbury's 50th season by exploring dance's future When Joan Woodbury and Shirley Ririe, two dance professors at the University of Utah, star ...

Food & Drink

Beer Bar

Posted // April 22,2014  - Plenty of brains, brews and brats to go around When I heard that Forage co-founder and up-and-coming celebrity chef Viet Pham was consult ...

Food & Drink

Sonora's Scholarship Fundraiser

Posted // April 22,2014  - Also: Vendors & Volunteers, New Habit. In a time marred by so much hostility toward immigrants—especially those coming from ...

Food & Drink

Food Truck Thursdays

Posted // April 22,2014  - All The Mobile Food You Need in Downtown SLC It’s a terrible feeling when hunger pains are calling and the food truck you desire ...