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Talk-Radio Host Exposes Hollywood's Planet of the Apes Agenda, Impending Monkey Uprising

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Syndicated talk-radio host Jim Sumpter (heard locally, sporadically, on K-Talk 630, the station he used to work for) has come up with many a "notice me!" conspiracy theory since he moved from Salt Lake City and went national, most involving the usual conservative-talk greatest hits: Obama's birth certificate, Obama's socialist takeover, Obama's plan to grab yer guns, etc.

Surprisingly, his latest doesn't involve Obama at all — it's about the Hollywood Agenda to give animals hierarchy over humans and put a "cute" lil' monkey in every 'Merican home (just like, ack, Michael Jackson!). Yes, the new blockbuster movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is just another step in establishing the Monkey Uprising! 

Please to enjoy this audio of Sumpter and producer Janet McKee laying out the Animals Over Humans Agenda, from this past weekend's edition of The Jim Sumpter Show:

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