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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Local Releases: Electronica Solo Exploration

Posted By on June 9, 2012, 11:59 PM

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As June continues to get hotter with local showcases and festivals, this is usually the time of year the release shows pick up, as we see with two scheduled for tonight. --- First, a few that flew in under the radar, starting with the debut release from Putty. This is another one of those groups who fall into the “where the hell did you come from?” pile, as the band have deleted almost all of their online information. We know they're an electro-pop duo out of SLC ... and that's where it ends. However, their debut album, Happy Sparks, is pretty damned good, which makes it a shame we can't promote them properly for you. You can download a copy for $8 off their Bandcamp site, and if you're one of the two members, you might wanna look into making a website.

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While we're talking electronic music, last week saw the latest release from DJ RoboRob. The SLC electro/dubstep DJ has been making the rounds in style lately, which included playing a damned-fine set over at The Metro while it held its free dance-club evening. This month, he returns with some original works in the form of a six-track EP called An Aria Electronic. Nothing too fancy or over complicated about this release, just some pretty-cool dance numbers; not as video-game oriented as his 2011 release Press 'A' To Listen, but it's still got your array of 8-bit themes and sound effects. You can snag it from his Bandcamp page for whatever price you feel like paying.

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Swicthing over to more alternative and indie music, there's a split EP some of you might be interested in. SLC bands YYBS and Guides & Braves have collaborated on an five-track release, two songs apiece and a fifth song that has both bands playing together. This one came out rather quietly last week on both fronts; we're not really sure why, but it's too good for either to have kept it a secret. You can buy it for a “name your price” tag off a specially made Bandcamp page.

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Moving on to release shows -- as we said, we've got two happening tonight, and the first comes to us from indie-rock veterans Larusso. The four-piece band have managed to become a success on their own with little help from media or a proper label, having four albums under their belts since forming in 2004 (the last being the In Verity EP in 2009) and a following beyond Utah from excessive touring and social-media blitzing. The online aspect has gone down over the past couple of years, but the band is looking to resurrect their physical presence with the release of their latest full-length album, Tell Me Everything. Only one track has been released online, “Heart Attack,” which still shows the band's pop/rock chops; why they aren't an X96 staple is baffling. You can snag yourself a copy tonight, as the band will be playing their release show at Kilby Court, along with The Young Electric. Early show for this one, just $6 starting, at 6 p.m.

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When that's done, head to Provo for the debut release from Lindenfield. The solo project of Colin Hatch, the Backchat and Tiny Willis guitarist and co-owner of Muse Music, who has been writing a lot of music (especially about women he liked) that didn't fit his other projects, so he set out to do his own band made up of himself and a guitar. Hatch (seen above) turned to Kickstarter to help fund the album, asking for $800 and getting $1,000 in return! What few tracks from the self-titled album have come out are very pretty and personal; nothing major was done to these tracks to overproduce them, which makes the album feel very genuine. You can pick up a copy at the release show tonight at -- where else? -- Muse Music, as he plays with Lake Island, Mont Blanc and Mooninite. Just $6, starting at 8 p.m.

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Head out, love music, buy local!

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