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10 Unbelievably Beautiful Beer Ads

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Beer ads are famous (or infamous) for using beautiful women to sell their suds. It seems to be a formula that works.

But not all of these ads are inherently sexist. Heck, some of them don't even picture any women.

So, please, let's raise a glass to 10 that are unbelievably beautiful: ---


Click the descriptive heading of any beer ad to be taken to the site where I found the image online.

10. Awesome Brazilian Beer Ad

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9. Joker Asks: Want a Bud?

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8. Miller Beer Ad from Sports Illustrated

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7. St. Pauli Girl

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6. Tiger Beer

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5. Christmas Greetings from Schlitz

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4. Heineken "Bottoms Up" Ad

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3. Guiness Head

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2. Spuds MacKenzie

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1. Banned Commercials - Beer Makes Women Beautiful

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