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Roller Derby: WRD Bests WRR 147-94

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Last weekend, local roller derby league Wasatch Roller Derby took on the visiting Wreckin' Roller Rebels from Denver, Colo. WRD's Honey Delunatic reports: ---

Wasatch Roller Derby (WRD) played their last inter-league game of the 2009 season Saturday, Oct. 10 against the Wreckin’ Roller Rebels from Denver, Colorado. Despite a snow storm and road closures that reduced their roster to 4 girls, Wreckin’ Roller Rebels put on their game faces and their skates to give Wasatch Roller Derby a run for their money.

In the end Wasatch Roller Derby won the bout 147 to 94. But not without a heck of a fight from the Wreckin’ Roller Rebels. Uber Alice, jammer for Wreckin’, even managed to take lead jammer against Queen Anne’s Revenge in the first jam despite wearing a borrowed pair of skates since her gear was stuck somewhere on a closed road in Wyoming.

Wasatch Roller Derby gave up a few of their own players so the game could go on! Dr. Pain and Moxi Rotten, two of Wasatch's best blockers played their hardest to help out Seek N D'Stroyher and Androgyny as they defended against Miss E. Vil and Jennassassin jam after jam. Wreckin’ girl Overlord took charge in the pivot position, controlling the pack and forming great defensive lines.

When all was said and done Gunnin’ Geisha, Drewish Princess, and Ardna Eel pulled out all the stops as blockers for Wasatch, forming walls and delivering hits that proved too much for the Wreckin’ Roller Rebels. As jammers for Wasatch, Honey Delunatic, Queen Anne’s Revenge pulled the majority of the points during the game, filling in as blockers when they weren’t wearing the star and ultimately pinning down the win for Wasatch.

Wreckin’ Roller Rebels brought one official referee, Curl Hand Luke. Thanks to all the Utah Referees that helped with this game. Without our Referees things could get ugly. Wasatch would like to thank Wreckin’ for the great game and the great effort they put on in the face of adversity!

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